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Tax Credits Change of Circumstances

'HMRC Tax Credits Contact Information: Online, Phone, by Post'

TAX CREDITS: A change of circumstances may affect your Working Tax Credits. Almost all changes in family and work life affects tax credits.

You must report certain changes within thirty (30) days to HM Revenue and Customs Tax Credit Office.

In some cases, tax credits will go up, go down, or stop altogether.

You must also report any personal and circumstantial changes involving your bank details. Use this guide to inform them when you have a Working Tax Credits change of address.

Why do you need to report a tax credits change of circumstances to the Tax Credit Office? It keeps their records current and you avoid receiving a benefit overpayment. This happens most often if you fail to report an increase in your income soon enough.

Call or write to HMRC for help with tax credits. Prepare as much information as possible before contacting them.

HMRC Tax Credits Change Bank Details or Address

Tax Credits: General Enquiries
Telephone: 0345 300 3900
Textphone: 0345 300 3909
Outside UK: +44 2890 538 192
Call charges from landlines and mobiles.
HMRC Tax Credit Office
HM Revenue and Customs
Tax Credit Office
United Kingdom

Cautionary AdviceYou risk a fine up to £300 if you do not report a change within the 30 day deadline. Giving false information on purpose has a penalty up to £3,000.

Tax Credits Changes You Must Report

You must notify the Tax Credit Office without delay (straight away) of changes to certain circumstances. In most cases, there is a 30 day deadline for reporting if your:

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You must also inform the Tax Credit Office without delay if you:

Tax Credits Overpayment Advice

Receiving money you are not entitled to is not permitted and results in a Tax Credits overpayment. In this case you would need to repay your tax credits and you may receive a penalty.

Note: You can also manage tax credits online to report changes to your circumstances. You should include the old details with the new details (e.g. PAYE reference numbers, employment change dates, and names of employers).

Changing Estimated Income

You may have estimated your income at the time you renewed your tax credits (e.g. if self-employed). Thus, you should inform the Tax Credit Office your actual income by the 31st of January.

Other HMRC Tax Credit Changes to Report

Not all HMRC Tax Credit change of circumstances have a 30 day deadline to report changes to tax credits. But, failing to notify them of some situational differences and circumstantial changes could affect your benefits if you:

Note: You should make a new claim for tax credits if you start or end a relationship (or your partner dies).

Changes that affect Tax Credits

Your tax credit payments may increase if:

Your tax credits may go down or stop altogether if:

Tax Credits Update Details and Management

Claimants can manage tax credits and change bank details online by updating their stored information. The HMRC government tool helps you find out how much you might get. The tax credits management service is for:


Why Has My Child Tax Credit Gone Down?
The government is changing the way people pay taxes and receive them back in credits. They increased the National Living Wage and raised the income tax threshold. Extra free childcare may compensate some parents for the unwelcome welfare cuts.

How Do I Change My Bank Account Details for Tax Credits?
There are a few things you need to check before you change bank details for tax credits using the online form. First, make sure the bank account registers to one of the following names:

• Your own name, your partner's name, or you and your partner's joint names (or)
• The name of a person acting on your behalf, or both your own name and the name of a person acting on your behalf.

Note: Some accounts are unsuitable for receiving benefit payments (e.g. Child Trust Fund Account or Individual Savings Account (e.g. Junior ISA).

Can I Change My Child Tax Credit Bank Details Online?
You can use the online government Tax Credits service to change your bank details. Login to your HMRC Government Gateway account to make changes to your bank account or manage your tax credits. The link gives you options to create a Government Gateway account or chat to HMRC advisor online.

How to Report Changes that affect Tax Credits in the United Kingdom