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Mortgage Interest Run On Benefit

Mortgage Interest Run On Benefit (MIRO)

In some cases, Mortgage Interest Run-On can provide financial help with housing costs. MIRO eligibility may apply when certain income-based benefits are about to stop.

MIRO RULES: This page explains how to get extra money from Mortgage Interest Run On. It is an extension of Support for Mortgage Interest.

As a homeowner, the extra payments might count towards certain housing costs if your benefits will stop.

But, you will only qualify if you are getting certain income-based benefits. The reason they are stopping can only be because either:

Note: The financial help from Mortgage Interest Run On benefit is temporary. It will only last for four (4) weeks.

Mortgage Interest Run On Amount

You must have been getting Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) before your situation change at work. As a rule, you get the same amount that were getting before the benefits stopped.

The payments from MIRO can help to pay mortgage charges or interest on a loan. But, they will get paid direct to your bank account. That means you will need to make the payment to the mortgage lender.

Mortgage Interest Run On Eligibility

You may qualify to claim Mortgage Interest Run On if you stopped getting:

Your circumstances must also include all these to meet the eligibility criteria for MIRO:

How to Claim Mortgage Interest Run On

There is no separate application needed to apply for Mortgage Interest Run On. It is part of an original claim for benefits related to housing costs. That means it is an automatic process in most cases.

Note: You will need to inform your Jobcentre Plus office as soon as you start working or get a pay increase.

Mortgage Interest Run On Benefit: How MIRO Works in the United Kingdom