The UK Rules
Supporting a Claim

Providing Evidence to Support a Claim

You are going to need to provide some basic information. Check what details and evidence you need to support a claim for Housing Benefit.

SUPPORTING A CLAIM: There is a way to get a claim for Housing Benefit processed faster.

You will need to have some information and evidence available when you make the claim. Make sure you know:

Special Types of Tenancies

You may need to check whether you have an 'assured tenancy'. It may apply to a tenancy started in 1997 or earlier if you are renting from a private landlord. The charity website 'Shelter' has a tenancy rights checker for this purpose.

Housing Benefit also applies to some government properties (e.g. for people in the armed forces). In this case, you would need to know whether you have a Crown Tenancy.

Information and Evidence to Provide

The supporting evidence you provide for Housing Benefit must be the original documents. They will not accept any copies. Thus, make sure you can produce the originals of:

You may also need to provide proof of the name and address of your partner. It would apply if you are working or you get contribution-based Jobseekers Allowance.

But, you must use different documents to prove their name and their address. Thus, you can provide any two (2) of these documents:

Renting from a Private Landlord

If you rent 'privately' you will also need to provide at least one of these documents:

Information and Evidence used to Support a Claim for Housing Benefit