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Heating and Household Energy Grants

Heating Benefits and Energy Grants

Fuel poverty is a reality for the most vulnerable in the United Kingdom. This section is a listed overview of heating benefits and allowances meant for the needy.

HEATING BENEFITS UK: The need for financial help to keep warm in the winter time is widespread.

This list of government help schemes focuses on the elderly or those who are 'less mobile'.

As a rule, they tend to spend more time in their homes with a need for staying warm in the cold months.

The aim of these heating benefits and schemes is to provide help paying energy bills for those on a low income. The UK Government want to help people pay heating bills and keep their homes warm.

Find essential information about the Cold Weather Payment 2018. The next scheme is due to start in November. It will help the most vulnerable citizens get through the winter period.

You can also get updated advice about the Winter Fuel Payment 2018. Check out the guidance notes on the Warm Discount Scheme.

As well as heating and housing benefits advice, this section also provides guidance on how to apply for Council Tax Support. Find out if you qualify for a free TV licence or get it discounted.

Heating and Household Energy Benefits Guide

A to Z Rights to Benefits GuideA to Z of Benefits

BENEFITS ENTITLEMENT: The complete list of benefits and allowances covers all categories of social welfare. Check your rights to get financial benefits and concessions in the United Kingdom.

Cold Weather Payment UKCold Weather Payment

DWP CWP: Use the postcode calculator to check if your area is due a payment The help guide explains how to qualify for Cold Weather Payments and what you will receive.

How to Apply for Council Tax Reduction in the UKCouncil Tax Reduction

APPLY FOR CTR: You may be able to apply for Council Tax Reduction if you are on low income or claim benefits. See how the new procedure of applying for Council Tax Support works.

Affordable Warmth ObligationHousehold Energy

AFFORDABLE WARMTH: You might get help with energy-saving improvements from your energy supplier. Check the Affordable Warmth Obligation eligibility and how to apply.

BIOMASS SUPPLIERS: Search online to find a registered supplier of biomass wood fuel. All suppliers on the BSL list meet the Renewable Heat Incentive requirements.

BIOMASS REGISTRATION: Find out how to register on the biomass supplier list. Once you have registered you can supply sustainable wood fuel to customers who use the Renewable Heat Incentive.

ENERGY GRANTS: Learn where to find energy grants and other ways to improve energy efficiency. You can get financial help with new boilers, heating costs, and home insulation.

FEED-IN TARIFFS: The Feed-in Tariff scheme provides money for consumers who generate their own electricity. Find out how Feed-in Tariffs work and how to apply.

GREEN DEAL: The Green Deal could help you save energy in your home or business. Find out how energy-saving improvements might also save you money.

National Concessionary Fuel Scheme UKNational Concessionary Fuel Scheme

NCFS: The page explains the details of the UK-wide National Concessionary Fuel Scheme. It provides free solid coal fuel allowance to ex-employees of National Coal Board and British Coal Corporation.

Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme UKRenewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

DOMESTIC: The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is a payment system. It rewards consumers who generate heat from renewable energy sources - instead of fossil fuels.

NON-DOMESTIC: The non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme helps businesses, public sector and non-profit organisations meet the cost of installing renewable heat technologies.

Third Party Deductions using Benefit PaymentsThird Party Deductions

FUEL DIRECT: Benefits payments can get used to cover the cost of some bills. Find out how to get help paying rent and services charges using third party deductions.

Universal Credit Benefit SystemUniversal Credit

WHAT IS UC? The roll out continues across the United Kingdom. Find out how Universal Credit is replacing six welfare benefits with one monthly payment for those who qualify.

Warm Front Scheme UKWarm Front Scheme

WARM FRONT: The Warm Front Scheme and Warm Front Hotline have closed. The section helps with equipment problems and information about other energy saving schemes.

Warm Home Discount Scheme UKWarm Home Discount Scheme

WHD SCHEME: The Warm Home Discount Scheme could save you £140 off your winter electricity bill during the cold months. Check to see if you qualify and how to claim.

Winter Fuel Payment UKWinter Fuel Payment

HEATING ALLOWANCE: The Winter Fuel Payment 2018/19 helps older people pay their heating bills. Find out if you qualify for the £300 winter heating allowance this year.

A List of Heating Benefits and Household Energy Grants in the United Kingdom