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Free TV Licence at 75

Free TV Licence for Pensioners at 75

This guide has all the information you need to claim your free TV licence at 75. A TV licence discount is available for the blind and those staying in residential care.

FREE TV LICENCE AGE: Free television licences are available for those who are 75 years and over.

Pensioners can apply for a short term licence when they turn 74 years old.

But, a short term television licence is only valid until the end of the month before your 75th birthday.

Note: The standard 'yearly full TV Licence fee is £147 for 2017'.

Information below explains how to apply for a discount TV licence if you are blind or you live in residential care.

Apply Free TV Licence Online

A valid television licence covers everyone who is living at your address. Click here to apply for a free or short-term television licence online. You can also apply by telephone:

TV Licensing Department

Telephone: 0300 790 6071
Minicom: 0300 709 6050
Not all phone call costs are free in the United Kingdom.

Note: Some licencing rules have changed for free TV licence applications in Guernsey and on the Isle of Man.

Discount Television Licence Over 60

How to get a Free TV Licence at 75Your housing manager can apply for a special discounted television licence for £7.50. To qualify you must be living in residential care and either:

Discount on TV Licence for Blind

A discount of 50% is available for registered blind individuals. The same concession applies if you are living with someone who is blind.

But, the licence must get issued in the name of the blind person. In this case, the licence holder may need to get it transferred by contacting the TV Licensing Department.

Send all this information when you apply by post to TV Licensing:

TV Licensing Blind Concession Address

TV Licensing
Blind Concession Group
BS98 1TL
How to Get a Free TV License for Over 75