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Work and Payments

Having the Work Done

After you have your advice report, deciding how to get the work done affects your payment options for the work.

Green Deal: Getting the Work Done: Your next step is to either;

Despite some companies providing all the services for a Green Deal package (assessment, finance, installation) you can still choose to use a different company for each service.

How to Get a Quote

If you give your Green Deal advice report to your provider will give you a quotation and arrange for the installers to do the work for you. The repayment terms will be agreed in the quote from your provider if you are paying with a finance plan.

You are permitted to get more than one quote and you can also choose which improvements you want to have.

Your property may qualify to combine the Green Deal with these additional schemes;

Agreeing the Work

After choosing the provider or installer you want to complete the work they will write you a contract called a Green Deal finance plan. If you choose to pay with Green Deal finance it will contain;

After the work

After the work is completed your Green Deal repayments are automatically added to your electricity bill if you have chosen to take Green Deal finance.


How you make the complaint actually depends on whether you have a Green Deal finance plan loan linked to your electricity bill.

4a. Ways to Pay

There are several ways to pay for the Green Deal. You can pay in advance, get a finance plan, or you may use other schemes to fund the work - including a combination of ways to pay.

Green Deal Finance Plan

Finance plans are offered by approved Green Deal providers so you should give your Green Deal assessment to particular providers that you want to get a quote from. Your provider will then find an installer for you. You can only get a finance plan for improvements recommended in your Green Deal assessment.

All providers must inform you;

Borrowing and Payment Amounts

You can get finance for an amount based on what you are expected to save on your energy bills and there is no fixed interest rate. Interest rates are determined by the amount of the finance plan. You should check with your provider for interest rates and additional fees. The interest rate is fixed for the full term of the plan so your repayments will also be fixed.

Note: The annual repayments on the loan should not be more than the savings you might make on your energy bills.

How to Pay

You pay back the loan through a charge added to your electricity bill. A small amount will be taken from the meter each day if you have a prepayment meter.

This is because the Green Deal stays with the property. If you move, you no longer benefit from the improvements and therefore stop paying for them. You can choose to pay off your Green Deal early but you should check with your provider because you might be charged a fee.

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Green Deal Work and Payment; UK Rules Updated 2017