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Council Tax Reduction

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The Council Tax Reduction scheme now replaces the Council Tax Benefit. Each regional authority has its own rules on applying for CTR in England. This page explains how pensioners and people of working age may apply for Council Tax Reduction.

COUNCIL TAX SUPPORT: The discount may apply if you are on low income or claim benefits.

This section explains the new procedure of applying online for Council Tax Support.

If you are expecting a discount on your bill you should contact your local council and follow their procedure for Council Tax Reduction.

To find out if you are eligible follow these steps and you will be linked to this service. Simply enter your postcode information into the online search facility.

Council Tax Reduction Online

Take note of this information icon Council Tax Reduction Replaced Council Tax Benefit in April 2013.

Your Council Tax bill could be reduced by as much as 100% if you are eligible. Reasons for eligibility include being on a low income or claiming benefits.

You should apply no matter whether you own your home or rent a property. You are not automatically excluded from claiming even if you are unemployed or working.

The amount you may receive depends on:

Use this system to apply for Council Tax Reduction in England (also called Council Tax Support).

Note: A different scheme operates to help pay housing rates in Northern Ireland.

Postcode Lookup Online

You will need to enter a valid and full United Kingdom postcode. Enter your postcode (UK only).

For example: SW1A 2AA

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Council Tax Reduction (CTR); UK Rules Updated 2017