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Financial Support for Families

Benefits for Families with Children

This overview section lists the categories and types of benefits for families. The guide also explains how to use the benefits calculator for the United Kingdom.

FAMILY BENEFITS: Parents will find information on the different childcare benefits and Child Trust Funds.

There is further guidance on how Maternity Pay and Leave works for expectant mothers.

It also includes important advice on the Sure Start Maternity Grant. Check to see if you qualify for the special Guardianship Allowance.

Find out whether your child qualifies for free school meals. You can get all the latest guidance on benefits and allowances for carers if you use the services of a childminder.

Get all the facts about claiming family benefit if you had an injury during your time served in the armed forces.

Allowances and Benefits for Families Guide

A to Z Rights to Benefits GuideA to Z of Benefits

BENEFITS OVERVIEW: The A to Z list of benefits and allowances covers all categories of social welfare. Check out your rights to financial benefits and allowances in the United Kingdom.

Apply for Free School MealsApply for Free School Meals

FREE SCHOOL MEALS: The section explains how to apply for free school meals for children who qualify. Check the process of applying through your local authority.

Claim if you were Injured While Serving in the Armed ForcesArmed Forces Injury Claims

INJURED WHILE SERVING? You may qualify for compensation. Check to see who can claim for armed forces injury and how the process works.

WAR PENSION SCHEME: Are you a former serving personnel with an injury linked to your service in the armed forces? If so, you might meet the War Pension Scheme eligibility criteria.

Benefits CalculatorsBenefits Calculator

CALCULATING BENEFIT: You can use a benefits calculator to check your family entitlements online. They are anonymous, independent, and free to use.

Care to Learn SchemeCare to Learn Scheme

CARE TO LEARN: The purpose of the Care to Learn scheme is to help with childcare costs while you study in England. Find out how to apply and what you might get.

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Carers Credit AllowanceCarers Credit

CARER'S CREDIT ALLOWANCE: The contribution helps to ensure carers do not lose out on social security benefits. Caring for someone means you may qualify to claim Carer's Credit.

Childcare Support GrantChildcare

CALCULATOR: Using the online government childcare calculator can help you find out what help you might get towards childcare costs.

CHILDCARE GRANT: The Childcare Grant helps student parents in full-time higher education. Find out if you are eligible for extra financial to help cover your learning costs.

FREE CHILDCARE: Check how to get help with childcare costs for working parents. The total amount you receive depends on your household income and family circumstances.

Child Trust FundChild Trust Fund

CTF ACCOUNTS: The Child Trust Fund is a special savings account for children. Check the guidance and advice on long-term tax-free savings for children.

Guardian's Allowance Child BenefitGuardian's Allowance

GUARDIANSHIP ALLOWANCE: Eligibility provides money for looking after a child whose parents are no longer living. Find out the current Guardian's Allowance rates and how to claim.

Healthy Start Scheme Free Milk for BabiesHealthy Start

HEALTHY START: The Department of Health statutory scheme provides a nutritional safety net. The Healthy Start free vouchers are for pregnant women and young children in some low-income families.

Maternity AllowanceMaternity Allowance

MATERNITY ALLOWANCE: The exact Maternity Allowance amount you get depends on your eligibility. You may get this pregnancy benefit if you do not already qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay.

Maternity Pay and Leave for ParentsMaternity Pay and Leave

MATERNITY PAY & LEAVE: Statutory Maternity Pay is for those who take time off work to have a baby. As a rule, you are eligible to claim your maternity rights as well as a range of benefits.

MATERNITY PLANNER: Find out how to calculate your leave and pay for parents after you have a child. The online guide helps you check whether you can get maternity leave.

Parents' Learning Allowance GrantParents' Learning Allowance

LEARNING ALLOWANCE: The PLA grant is extra financial funding for full-time students who have dependent children. Check how the Parents' Learning Allowance works and whether you can get it.

Sure Start Maternity GrantSure Start Maternity Grant

MATERNITY GRANT: The tax-free boost of £500 is for those who need most help with the costs of a new baby. Check to see if you qualify for the Sure Start Maternity Grant one-off payment.

Universal Credit Benefit SystemUniversal Credit

WHAT IS UC? The roll out continues across the United Kingdom. Find out how Universal Credit is replacing six welfare benefits with one monthly payment for those who qualify.

Benefits for Families Advice Overview for the United Kingdom