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Some families may be entitled to free school meals in the United Kingdom.

Your local council will inform you how to apply if this family benefit is available for your child.

In England children automatically get free school meals at state schools in year one and year two.

The government search facility lets you check online.

Click to see whether your child can apply to get free school meals in England or Wales.

Note: A different process for school meals occurs if you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Free School Meals

If you are claiming any of the following benefits your child may also be eligible for free school meals.

Children who get any of these benefit payments directly, not through a parent or guardian, are also entitled to free school meals. This entitlement is also applicable if your child is under the compulsory school age and in full time education.

Infant Free School Meals

Your infant child will qualify for free school meals if they are attending:

You should inform your local authority if you receive any of the above benefits as well. If you do, your child's school can often get extra funding.

Apply for Free School Meals; UK Rules Updated 2017