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Important Information about DWP Compliance Interview 2018A DWP Compliance Officer home visit is an interview carried out to check all benefit payments are correct.

CHECK BENEFIT PAYMENT: DWP compliance department select names at random for a local service compliance interview.

Several things happen during a home visit from a DWP review officer:

They use the recordings and results to develop a wide range of statistics on benefit amounts. The claimant data they collect relates to the payouts paid correctly as well as those paid out in error.

Note: The DWP home visit guide titled 'ymweliad â’ch cartref i wirio eich taliad budd-dal' is also available in Welsh language.

DWP will send you an advanced notification letter before you get checked. It informs you of their intention to send a visiting team to interview you at home.

A local customer compliance officer will only come to pay you a visit if you are claiming certain benefits. The DWP compliance interview 2019 relates most to questions on these six types of welfare benefits:

DWP Home Visit: Performance Measurement

There are two easy steps you can take to check the identity of a Performance Measurement review officer during a home visit from DWP:

  1. Ask to see their photo identity card as proof.
  2. Phone the Business Support Team and give them the name of the DWP Performance Measurement officer.
Business Support Team
Telephone: 0191 216 8050
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Check the cost of making the phone call.

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What Happens at a Customer Compliance Interview?

A home visit from DWP compliance officer means you get interviewed inside your own home. Even so, DWP home visits can get rescheduled if it becomes necessary.

The interviewer will ask you to provide them with two (2) methods of identification. They will also want to inspect some specific documents.

Prepare to show them documentation on your finances, savings, and rent (where applicable). In most cases this will include:

Note: As a general rule, the customer compliance meeting DWP will last for about one hour. But, it may take longer in some cases.


Benefit Fraud | Check the two main reasons for an investigation and the punishment for benefit cheats.

Benefit Overpayments | Who to contact and how to make the repayment if your benefits get overpaid.

Fraud and Error in the Benefit System (preliminary data)

The Department for Work and Pensions administers the rights to benefits for about 22 million people in the United Kingdom each year. The figures estimate fraud and error levels in the benefit system in Britain.

The fraud and error prevention service estimates overpayments. These refer to the total amount of money lost to the department because claimants get paid too much.

They also estimate underpayments. These refer to the total amount of money lost to claimants who are not paid enough.

Note: The financial year of 2016 was the first year that they measured fraud and error within the Universal Credit benefit system.

DWP Home Visit Compliance Interviews and Performance Measurement