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Do Benefits Stop in Prison?

Prisoners and anyone on remand may have their benefit entitlements stopped or discontinued. As a rule, your entitlement to benefit stops if you go to prison.


The few exceptions include Housing Benefit (if yours is a short sentence), help paying Council Tax bill (if you are eligible), and a suspension in your Industrial Injuries Disabled Benefit.

Generally, you may continue claiming for other benefits if your partner or child goes to prison.

Benefits Stop on Remand

You cannot continue to claim for these benefit entitlements while you are on remand;

Benefit Arrears Payment

You can make a request in writing for any benefit arrears you are owed at the time you are sent to prison or on remand and they will be paid to someone else.

Benefit Arrears - If Not Convicted

You can get benefit arrears for Contributory Employment and Support Allowance, and Incapacity Benefit if you are not convicted.

Benefit Arrears - If Convicted

If you claim Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit you may be entitled to up to a year’s arrears whenever you are released from prison.

Claiming Benefits After Release

You can put in new claims from any benefits you are entitled to as soon as you leave prison. You may also receive other financial and practical support. However, you cannot claim for the Job Seeker’s Allowance if you are released on temporary licence (ROTL).

Prison and Benefits Stop or Suspended; UK Rules Updated 2017