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Benefit and Prison

Prisoners Claiming Benefit

Your allowance payments and entitlements may change or stop if you, your partner, or one of your children have been sent to prison.

PRISONERS RECEIVING BENEFIT: Help is available from an adviser if you are a prisoner, placed in a young offenders’ institution, or in custody awaiting trial (on remand).

Topics in this section;

  1. Overview of Prison Benefits
  2. Benefits Stop or Suspended
  3. Housing Benefit Guide
  4. Council Tax Exemption
  5. Tax Credit Regulations
  6. Child Benefit Rules
  7. Mortgage Interest Support

In Prison or on Remand

You must inform the Tax Credit Office about all prison sentences and they will advise you on what happens next. You cannot claim the State Pension from prison and your entitlement to benefit stops while you are imprisoned.

A benefits adviser will assist you in suspending or closing down benefits which you are no longer entitled to claim for if you go to prison or receive a term in remand.

Partner or Child in Prison or on Remand

You must inform whoever pays your benefits if your partner or child has gone to prison or is on remand.

They will tell you whether your benefit claims will be affected and whether you can claim other benefits.

You may still receive entitlements even if your partner has gone to prison providing you satisfy the benefit entitlement conditions in your own right.

Benefits and Prison; UK Rules Updated 2017