The UK Rules
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What Takes Place at a Hearing?

When the Tribunal Hearing takes place your evidence will be shared with all parties who are present.

AT THE HEARING: This is why it is imperative that you have your appeal papers with you along with any documents you need to support your evidence.

Questions at the Hearing

At the hearing it is normal for you to be asked questions.

Anyone you take with you to the hearing may also be included in the questioning. You may be questioned by;

If you requested an interpreter at the hearing you will provided with one who is allowed to translate what happens at the hearing for your benefit.

Interpreters can only make translations for you and cannot give you legal advice or represent you at a hearing.

Claiming Expenses for a Hearing

As a rule of thumb you can claim for reasonable expenses incurred by going to a tribunal. The clerk at the hearing can help you to fill in an expenses claim form.

Providing you have receipts and a letter from your employer you may claim for;

Tribunal Hearings; UK Rules Updated 2017