The UK Rules
At the Hearing

What happens at the Tribunal Hearing

At the hearing you will need your appeal papers and any support documents used as evidence. The tribunal may share any evidence you give with all parties (including representatives).

AT THE HEARING: It is an opportunity to provide evidence and answer questions about the case.

You, and anyone else helping in your case, may get asked questions by:

There will be an interpreter present at the tribunal if you asked for one. The interpreter can only translate what happens during the hearing. They cannot represent you or offer you any legal advice.

Note: All tribunal cases, including Social Security and Child Support appeals, must follow the Social Entitlement Chamber tribunal procedure rules.

Claiming Expenses for a Hearing

You can claim for certain expenses when you attend a tribunal hearing. As a rule, cost claims relate to travel charges and loss of earnings from work.

But, you can only claim for 'reasonable expenses' when you go to the tribunal. Typical examples include:

The clerk will help you to fill in an expenses claim form at the hearing. If you need any special help you will need to contact the tribunal in advance.

Note: You will need receipts and a letter from your employer to claim for travel expenses and a loss of earnings.

What Will Happen at the Tribunal Hearing and How to Claim Expenses