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Appeal to Independent Tribunal

Social Security and Child Support Tribunal appeals take place after mandatory reconsideration or certain other processes.

THE TRIBUNAL APPEAL: Your appeal argument is heard at the tribunal by a judge who will make a decision after hearing both sides of the case.

The tribunal and the judge operate independently of central government.

You must use and fill in the correct appeal form with a clear explanation of what you feel is wrong about your decision and include any evidence you have to support your case.

The vast majorities of benefit types use the form SSCS1 but check you have the right document for what you are appealing. The helpline staff cannot offer you legal advice but they can help you fill in the form correctly.

Filling in the Appeals Form

Social Security and Child Support Tribunal (England and Wales)
Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm)
Telephone: 0300 123 1142

Social Security and Child Support Tribunal (Scotland)
Monday to Friday (8:30am to 5pm)
Telephone: 0141 354 8400

Appeal Time Limit

As a rule the time limit for sending an appeal is within one month of the date of the decision which you are appealing or a month of the date of your mandatory reconsideration notice.

Late appeals must be justified but it is possible to appeal up to thirteen months after the original decision date.

Nonetheless, if you submit a late appeal the tribunal will decide if your appeal can be submitted to the hearing. They may also contact the other party concerned with your case because it is their right to object to tardy appeals.

Late Appeals

Possible justifications for a late appeal include;

Options at a Hearing

You must choose whether you want to attend the hearing and present your case personally to a tribunal or you prefer your appeal to be decided by only the evidence on your application form and any supporting documental evidence that you provide.

If you choose to go to the hearing in person you must inform them if;

The Next Step

What happens next? Your application is then sent to the other party and they will be asked to respond. You will also receive a copy of their response which you must bring and present at the hearing with you. The tribunal will allocate you with a hearing date and you will be informed in writing of the date and the nearest tribunal location to where you live. Send all your evidence to the tribunal for distribution to all parties and well before the hearing date.

Date Changes and Withdrawals

If you cannot attend you should write to the tribunal - the address on the hearing confirmation document - to determine whether you can change the hearing date or not. You will be informed of any date changes by the tribunal. You do not need permission to withdraw an appeal of it happens before the start of the hearing. However, you must write to them to get permission for withdrawing your appeal if you want to withdraw it once the hearing is in progress.

Appeal at Social Security Tribunal Hearings; UK Rules Updated 2017