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War Widow(er) Pension

War Widows Pension 2020 Rates

The War Widow's or Widower's Pension gets paid at several different rates. That means your age and your family or household circumstances determine how much you can get.

WAR WIDOWERS PENSION UK: The War Widow(er) Pension aims to help widows and widowers.

It is for those whose husband, wife, or civil partner died before the 6th of April 2005 during HM Armed Forces service or in war time.

How Much is War Widows Pension UK?

The good news is that the different War Widows Pension rates are not liable for tax.

Like most death benefits, allowances, and pensions, payments will go into a secure account. As a rule your bank or building society account meets the requirements.

Claiming War Widows Pension Rates 2020

You can download the specific Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and War Pensions Scheme Claim Form when you apply for the War Widow's or Widower's Pension. Alternatively, you can telephone the Veterans UK helpline and they will supply you with the document.

Veterans UK
Thornton Cleveleys

Email: [email protected]
Freephone (UK only): 0808 1914 2 18
Telephone (overseas): +44 1253 866 043

Veterans UK is part of the Ministry of Defence. They administer Armed Forces Widows pension schemes and compensation payments for those injured or bereaved through military service.

War Widows Pension Eligibility Criteria

How to claim the widower or widow pension? To meet the criteria for War Widow Pension eligibility, at least one of the following situations must apply. Can you confirm that your husband, wife or civil partner:

Illness, Injury, and death on or after 6th April 2005

You should claim through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme if your partner got injured, developed an illness, or died as a result of service on or after the 6th of April of the year 2005.

Further Help and Information

If Your Circumstances Change

You should continue to get your War Widows Pension even if there is a change in your circumstances. Getting married, forming a civil partnership, or start to live with a partner on or after the 1st of April 2015 does not usually affect your payments.

In the case where it happened before the 1st of April 2015, you should still get the pension providing your:

What to do if Your Pension Stopped

If your pension has stopped, be sure to inform Veterans UK of any changes in your circumstances. Afterwards, you can begin the claims process once more if you:

How to Make an Appeal

You can choose to appeal through an independent Pensions Appeal Tribunal if you disagree with a decision regarding your claim. It is usually recommended that before you appeal:

Paying for War Widows Pension Funeral Expenses

In some cases, Veterans UK may pay a funeral grant up to £2,200. The grant gets paid to a widow or widower, next of kin or person paying for the funeral providing:

Note: There is a time limit, like the Funeral Payment assistance, of claiming within 3 months of the funeral.

War Widowers Pension and War Widows Pension Rates