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Bereavement Allowance

Bereavement Allowance

The Bereavement Allowance provides benefits for certain people who are widowed from the age of 45 up to the State Pension age in the United Kingdom.

BEREAVEMENT ALLOWANCES: Some people might remember it as the Widow's Pension.

Bereavement allowances are available for up to 52 weeks from the date that your spouse died (husband, wife, or civil partner).

Bereavement Allowance Benefits

The bereavement allowance benefit amount that you will depends on two main factors;

For example your maximum weekly rate is currently £33.77 if you are 45 years at the time of your spouse’s death.

This amount increases to £112.55 per week if you are between 55 years and the State Pension age when they die.

As a rule, the benefits cap limits the total amount you get from the bereavement allowance.

Eligibility Conditions

Eligibility for the Bereavement Allowance is determined by;

You will not be entitled to the Bereavement Allowance if;

You can use the independent benefits calculator to check your eligibility for the allowance.

Information How to Claim

Send the completed Bereavement Benefits Pack (form BB1) to your local Jobcentre Plus to claim. Claims are dated when the office receives them and they can be backdated for only three months from the claim date.

Bereavement Service Helpline - Telephone: 0345 606 0265

Bereavement Allowance Benefit Widows Pension; UK Rules Updated 2017