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Report Changes to Child Benefit

Family changes affect Child Benefit payments. Find out when and how you must report a change in your personal circumstances.

CHANGES AFFECTING CHILD BENEFIT: You could lose out on some of your entitlements if:

Note: Failing to report the changes could result in an overpayment. You will need to repay a Child Benefit overpayment to their Debt Management services.

Report a Change in Child Circumstances

As a rule, all Child Benefit stops on the 31st of August on, or immediately after, the day a child celebrates their 16th birthday. An exception may apply if they stay in approved education or training.

You must notify the Child Benefit Office if your child chooses to stay in education or training. They will also need to know if at any time they leave that education or training.

Even so, you must report any of these changes in child circumstances to the Child Benefit Office and without delay if your child:

Report a Change in Family Circumstances

A difference in family circumstances also means you must notify the Child Benefit Office straight away for any of these changes:

Note: Family changes can also affect tax credits and certain benefits. You must notify the Child Benefit Office of any changes and the date of the change.

Child Benefit Tax Charge

There is another reason to report changes to Child Benefit claims. It can increase the likelihood of paying the High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge. Your income (or your partner's earnings) may affect the charge if it goes over the threshold of £50,000.

Note: You must report circumstantial changes even if you choose to stop receiving Child Benefit.

How to Report Changes to Child Benefit in the United Kingdom