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Disability Allowance for Child

Disability Living Allowance for Children

This informative section outlines DLA child rates and the eligibility criteria. There is further guidance on how to apply for DLA for children using the specific claim form DLA1A.

DLA CHILD: A guide explaining the full process of the Disability Living Allowance for child.

You can get help and financial support for children with disabilities if they are under 16 years old.

There are several key eligibility requirements to get the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children.

But, the money helps to pay for extra costs of taking care of children with disabilities.

The child must be under the age of 16 to qualify and have some walking difficulties. But, children who need more looking after than a child of the same age without a disability may also qualify.

The lowest DLA child rates 2018 start at £22.65 and the highest rate is £145.35 a week. The amount you get depends on the level of help needed for the child. As a rule the child will need an assessment to determine what help is best for them.

DLA Child Rates 2018 for Children

Disability Living Allowance for Children Claim Form DLA1AThe Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children is a tax-free benefit. It gets made up from 2 separate components or parts.

DLA Care Component for Child

Care Component Weekly Rate
Lowest Care Rate £22.65
Middle Care Rate £57.30
Highest Care Rate £85.60

DLA Mobility Component for Child

Mobility Component Weekly Rate
Lower Care Rate £22.65
Higher Care Rate £59.75

Note: The child may qualify for one part or both components.

How to Get DLA Child Payments

DLA gets paid every 4 weeks in most cases. When benefits and allowances get paid they go into a secure account such as your bank or credit union account.

You may also be eligible for the Carer's Allowance payment if you spend at least 35 hours a week caring for a child. But, the child must be getting the middle or highest care rate of DLA for your to qualify.

Disability Allowance for Child Eligibility

You do not have to be in work to claim DLA for child. As a rule, eligibility to claim Disability Living Allowance for children occurs if the child:

Note: Some exceptions apply if the child is living in, or coming from, an overseas EEA country or Switzerland.

DLA for Children Under 3

What if your claim is for a child under 6 months? In this case they must have lived in Great Britain for at least 13 weeks. Children aged between 6 months and 3 years must have lived in Great Britain for a minimum of 26 of the last 156 weeks.

Note: Residence rules do not usually apply if the child has a terminal illness.

DLA Child Disability or Health Condition

The disability or health condition of the child must have one or both of these applying:

DLA rules say the child must have had these difficulties for at least 3 months and expect them to continue for at least 6 months. There is an exception for a child who is terminally ill (not expected to live more than 6 months).

In this case the child does not need to have had the health conditions for at least 3 months.

DLA Care Component Rates

The DLA care component rates for a child depend on the level of care they need:

DLA Mobility Allowance for Children

The DLA mobility allowance child component rates depend on the level of care they need:

Disability Living Allowance Assessment for Child

What happens if you get a letter asking you to go for a DLA assessment for child? The Disability Living Allowance assessment checks the level of help that the child may need.

It also informs you where to attend the assessment. The letter explains why this is necessary in more detail including:

DLA Change of Circumstances for Child

If circumstances change for the child it can affect the amount of Disability Living Allowance for children. In this case you should call the Disability Service Centre help line. DLA change of circumstances include:

The rates of DLA for children is not usually affected if the child goes:

How to Claim Disability Living Allowance for Child

Use the government DLA claim form DLA1A for children under 16 when you apply. It informs you where to return the application. You can also request a printed DLA1A claim form by calling the Disability Living Allowance helpline telephone number.

Disability Living Allowance
Telephone: 0800 121 4600
Textphone: 0800 121 4523
Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm
UK telephone call charges list.

Disability Living Allowance for Children Advice

DLA for Child with Terminal Illness

Special DLA child rules exist for children who are not expected to live more than 6 months. This means they can get the DLA child payments faster. But, you must first:

How to Appeal a DLA Child Benefit Decision?

If you disagree with a DLA decision you can appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal. But, as a rule you must first ask for a mandatory reconsideration before you lodge your appeal.

What You Should Do When Your Child Turns 16

When your child reaches 16 they will need to apply for Personal Independence Payments. The child should get a letter inviting them to apply for PIP benefit. DWP send the letter to the child:

Important Information icon about DLA for ChildrenChild DLA payments may stop if they do not apply for PIP by the date recorded in the letter. Applying by the date given means they will continue to receive DLA until their claim gets assessed.

Disability Living Allowance for Children: DLA Child Rates 2018 and Eligibility Criteria