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Carer's Allowance Payment Dates and Eligibility

The UK Carer's Allowance is an earnings replacement benefit. Check how much a carer can claim for taking care of someone who needs caring for.

CARERS ALLOWANCE: The scheme tends to be a key welfare benefit for those who attend to the needs of others.

But, there is some general eligibility criteria to qualify for Carers Allowance payments:

  1. You should be caring for the person for at least 35 hours per week.
  2. The person cared for should already be receiving certain benefits.

The person you are caring for does not need to be a relative. Likewise, the carer does not need to live with them either. But, if you are caring for more than one person you do not get extra payments.

This guide explains how to apply for the Carers Allowance online. You can use form DS700 to check how much money you get each week.

Note: The extra money can affect certain benefits that you, and the person you care for, may receive. If your income goes over the Personal Allowance rates you may need to pay tax on it.

Carers Allowance Payment Dates 2018

The Carers Allowance weekly rate 2018/19 is currently set at £62.70. The money gets paid into a secure bank account. But the scheme also allows for several different methods for payment dates:

Receiving the Carer's Allowance means you qualify for extra financial help. You get to boost your State Pension each week with National Insurance credits. While you still qualify as a carer you might also get:

UK Carers Allowance Eligibility Criteria

HMRC Carers Allowance criteria means the person you take care of must already be getting one of these benefits:

For the claimant to meet the UK Carers Allowance eligibility, all the following must apply:

Note: Carers Allowance rules are different in Northern Ireland. Special rules apply to those moving to, or already living in, other EEA countries or Switzerland. You still might get Carer's Credit if you cannot claim for the Carers Allowance. You could also be eligible for claiming benefits abroad.

Carers Allowance Effect on other Benefits

A claim for Carer's Allowance affects welfare benefits for you and for anyone you take care of. The person who is receiving the care will no longer get:

As a rule, being a carer for another person means your total benefit payments will usually go up (or stay the same). But, it may reduce some of the other benefits in some cases.

The government benefit cap limits the amount of welfare that most people can get between the ages of 16 and 64. But, getting the Carers Allowance payments does not count towards the benefits cap.

Carers must also contact the Tax Credits office if they get Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit. HMRC benefits calculator helps you work out how it affects your other benefits.

Claiming for Carers Allowance Payments

Before you make an online claim for Carer's payment you will need to prepare some information. You will need your building society or bank details and National Insurance number. Make sure you have the date of birth and address of the person you care for.

They may ask you to provide some employment details. As a rule this includes work dates and how much you get paid. You might need to provide information on your course details if you are studying.

You can either apply online or download the Carers Allowance DS700 form and send it by post to the address on the form.

Note: As a rule you can backdate your claim but only up to 3 months.

Reporting a Change in Circumstances

Once you have applied, or start claiming Carers Allowance payments, you must report any changes in your family or personal circumstances. For instance if you take a break from caring for someone, stop being a carer, or if you get a job.

Note: If the person you are caring for has died you must inform the DWP and use the Tell Us Once service.

Carers Allowance Break in Caring

Taking a Carers Allowance break is not usually a problem. But, there are a few important rules to follow. Spending less than 35 hours a week caring for the person gets ruled as a break.

For Example: You should still get Carers Allowance payments if either you or the person you are caring for:

Appeal a Decision or Make a Complaint

If you disagree with a decision you can appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal. But, there have been some procedural changes. You must now ask for 'mandatory reconsideration' before you can make the appeal.

Complain to the Department for Work and Pensions if you are unhappy with the service they have given to you.

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UK Carers Allowance Eligibility and Payment Dates