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Lorries, Buses and Coaches

Rules for Lorry, Bus and Coach Drivers

This section explains lorry driving rules, bus driver regulations, and transportation. It lists the legal requirements for becoming a lorry or bus driver.

DRIVING LORRIES OR BUSES: Check out the information for those who drive a lorry or a bus for a living.

This section covers the strict testing processes and the health and safety rules. The guide also explains how to keep your licence up to date.

The category also has guidance on the laws for roadside checks in the United Kingdom. Check how the authorities perform vehicle tests for road worthiness and tax.

The driving hours and tachographs section is essential reading for all HGV drivers. This is part of the road laws for driving regulations and enforcement.

You will have several responsibilities as a heavy goods vehicle driver. They relate to carrying and transporting large loads on the roads around Britain.

The driver CPC section is useful if you want to start driving buses or lorries. It explains the required training and courses to become a qualified driver.

HGV Lorries and Buses Guide

Driving Lorries or become a Bus DriverBus and Lorry Drivers

DRIVERS' HOURS: The section is for anyone who drives a goods vehicle or a passenger-carrying vehicle. You can use it to check the drivers' hours rules and how many rest breaks you need to take.

GETTING QUALIFIED: The section explains bus and Lorry driver licence procedures. Find out how to become a Lorry or bus driver and start driving for a profession.

DRIVING TEST RULES: The lorries used for practical driving tests must meet certain rules and regulations. In some cases, the vehicle and trailer must also be carrying a minimum weight.

LICENCE RENEWAL AT 45: As a lorry, minibus, or bus driver, you will need to renew your driving licence after reaching the age of 45. Check the process of lorries licence renewal at 45 years old.

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Apply for Digital Tachograph Company Smart CardDigital Tachograph Company Smart Card

COMPANY TACHOGRAPH CARD: Check how to apply for a digital tachograph company card online. Company smart cards are about the same size as a plastic driving licence with a special microchip.

Annual Vehicle Test for Lorries, Buses, and TrailersLorry MOT Check

ANNUAL TEST: DVSA staff will conduct the testing for a lorry, bus, or a trailer. They use the 'annual vehicle test' for lorries, buses, and trailers instead of a standard MOT check.

Apply for Digital Tachograph Driver Smart CardDigital Tachograph Driver Card

RENEW A DIGITAL TACHOGRAPH CARD: Driver smart cards store driving information and data from digital tachographs. You can apply to DVLA to get or renew digital tachograph card online.

Tachograph Rules for Drivers and OperatorsTachograph Regulations

TACHO RULES UK: A simple guide about tachometers and tachograph regulations for drivers and haulage operators. Find information on who needs to use a VU and whether tachograph exemptions apply to you.

Driving Lorries, Buses, and Heavy Goods Vehicles in the United Kingdom