The UK Rules
CPC Module 3

Driver CPC Module 3 Driving Ability

The Driver CPC part 3 tests your driving abilities and practical road driving skills. You must already have passed the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence part 1 theory test.

VEHICLE & LICENCE: You must take a vehicle for Driver CPC module 3 test. There are specific rules on vehicles used for the driving test.

Thus, the lorry, bus, or coach you drive (and trailer if used) must meet all the regulations.

After you book the Driver CPC part 3 test you will need to take one of these driver licences with you:

Note: You may not have a photocard driving licence. In this case, take your paper driver's licence and a valid passport. Failing to have the right documents means they will cancel your test and you will lose the fee.

How CPC Test 3 Works

The practical test lasts for about one and a half hours (90 minutes) and will include:

Vehicle Safety Questions

During this part of the test you get asked vehicle safety questions on either:

Practical Road Driving

During the practical road driving section of CPC module 3 test, an examiner will watch and evaluate how you:

This part of the driving test will include 10 minutes of independent driving. The aim is to test your ability to drive in a safe manner while making independent decisions on the road.

Off-road Exercises

When you perform the off-road exercises you will:

Driver CPC Part 3 Driving Ability Result

The examiner will inform you whether you passed the exam after taking the practical test. They will provide feedback and explain how you performed.

To pass the driving ability test you will need to make:

What happens if You Fail the CPC Driving Ability Tests?

You can go ahead and book another practical driving test straight away. But, you must wait at least three (3) clear working days before you can resit the tests.

DVSA Cancelled Tests

It is uncommon but the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency may cancel the test at short notice. In this case, you can apply for a refund to cover your out-of-pocket expenses.


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Driver CPC Part 3 Test Driving Ability in the United Kingdom