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Digital Tachograph Driver Card

DVLA Digital Tachograph Driver Card

What is a Digital Tachograph Driver Card? The main function of modern tachograph cards is recording the speed and distance travelled by a vehicle.

RENEW DIGITAL TACHOGRAPH CARD ONLINE: Follow these steps if you are not sure how to get a digital tachograph card.

This information helps drivers make a digital tachograph card application.

Remember the company digital tachograph smart card uses a different process.

You should send your application to the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency to get a digital tachograph driver smart card.

Driver smart cards store data about your driving work and vehicular activity. Having a digital tachograph installed in your vehicle allows it to record your travel details. Daily information is usually recorded on the plastic microchipped card.

Apply for Digital Tachograph Card Online

You need to make your digital tachograph application with the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA). You must use the DVLA D777B(DL) Form to get a new digital tachograph driver smart card or renew an expired card. Apply by completing the DVLA Digital Tachograph Form D777B/DL.

DVLA D777B/DL Form Order

Portable Document File Download iconClick here to 'Download D777B/DL Application for a Digital Tachograph Driver Card'.

Note: You might also get the DVLA digital tachograph card application form at some MOT testing stations.

Following that you should post the filled in document to the address on the digital tachograph form. The postal address is the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency in the United Kingdom.

Note: You should not use this digital tacho card form if your tachograph driver card does not have an address written on it. All you need to do is change the address on your driving licence.

DVLA Digital Tachograph Card UK Price

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Digital Tachograph Card Cost DVLA Driver Card Company Card
First card application £32 £32
Replacement card: lost digicard, stolen, or damaged £19 £19
Change of name or address on existing digital tachograph card Free £32
Changing GB or Member State digital tachograph driver card for your first NIR card £32 N/A
Workshop or Malfunctioning card: card is not working properly Free Free
Digital tachograph card renewal or yours has expired £19 £19
Your present card gets withdrawn or suspended £32 £32
Additional cards N/A £32

Stolen or Lost Digital Tachograph Card

What if your digital tachograph driver card gets lost, damaged, stolen, or stops working correctly?

How to Apply for a Digital Tachograph Driver Smart CardIn this case you must immediately report it to the DVLA and apply for a replacement within one week.

Other uses for the same form include:

Note: You should also return any damaged cards to DVLA if you apply for a replacement tachograph card.

You can order an ST1A application pack by post or online. Call the DVLA tacho card contact number to renew digi card by phone:

Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency
Telephone: 0300 790 6109
Fax: 01792 783 525
Click to check call charges in the United Kingdom.

D777 NI: Applying for Digital Tachograph Card in Northern Ireland

You should make a request for a driver smart card application form to the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland Driver and Vehicle Agency (licensing enquiries)
Telephone: 0845 402 4000

Signature and Photograph ID

Digital tachograph driver cards will have a digitalized version of your signature and your photograph on it. This if for identification purposes. DVLA can use the same photo and signature from your photocard driving licence.

Company Smart Card Applications

Heavy Goods Vehicle operators can apply for a digital tachograph company smart card too. They can make an application for the drivers' version (on their behalf). Companies need to apply separately for each card.

DVLA usually accept company cheque payments up to the limit of 25 DVLA driver card applications. You can fax the DVLA, using company-headed notepaper, to request several application packs.

Fax: 01792 783 525

Driving while Waiting for a Replacement Digital Tachograph Card

Driving without tacho card is only permitted if your previous version gets lost, damaged, stolen, or malfunctions. In these circumstances you can drive up to fifteen calendar days without a DVLA driver card.

Exceptions occur if it takes longer to get the vehicle back to its premises. But, you may need to prove that you could not use the card during the extended time limit.

Drivers must keep printout records of the Vehicle Unit (VU) if you need to drive while you are waiting for a replacement smart card. The records must also have the date, your signature, and your name printed on the reverse side of the files.

You should keep them in case you need to use them as evidence. For example, if you get stopped and inspected by DVLA enforcement officers or the police.

As a rule, DVLA reissue a replacement driver smart card within 5 working days after receiving your new application.

You cannot have more than one card at any time. So you must return the old one if you later find the original. In this case you should also send a covering letter with an explanation for the returned card.


What is a Digital Tachograph Card?
The digital tacho device replaced the analogue version. The new tachograph rules follow the European Union regulation 1360/2002. It is about the same size as a car radio and it has its own event memory microchip card. The tachograph card stores information for 365 days. The internal time clock is set permanent to UTC (same as Greenwich Mean Time).

How Long Does a Tachograph Card Last?
As a rule the tachograph card is valid for 5 years. Drivers should replace the card at the end of the five year period and before it expires. Digital tachograph cards are unique to each driver and vehicle. Cards display the 'valid from' and expiry date.

How to Use Digital Tachograph Cards?
Digital Tachograph Units follow the same basic steps of use. Follow these 3 steps before you begin your journey. 1) Insert the card into the slot (chip facing up and chip in first). 2) Answer the screen questions while the device processes the information. 3) The tachograph unit records the different modes of operation once steps one and two are complete.

What are the Rules for Truck Drivers?
Check out the lorry driving rules, bus driver regulations, and transportation section. It lists the legal requirements for becoming a lorry or bus driver. There is also information about the strict tests and health and safety rules.

D777B Form: Apply for or Renew Digital Tachograph Card Online in United Kingdom