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ID for Driving Licence Application

Identification for Driving Licence Application

This guide explains which identity documents you need for a driving licence application. In some cases you need to provide specific proof of your identity to get a driving licence.

ID FOR DRIVING LICENCE: UK biometric passports get accepted for driving licence identification.

This is because the photograph and signature in biometric passports are on the same page.

You can prove your identity using the 9-digit number in a biometric passport.

There is no need to send in this type of passport as proof with your driving licence application.

What if you do not have a UK biometric passport?

In this case you can use other identity documents for a driving licence application. The information below lists which identity documents you need to send in with a licence application.

Note: A different set of rules apply when using ID for driving licence application in Northern Ireland.

Types of Identification for Licence Application

Send in these identity documents if you do not already have a biometric passport. You must use the original documents for a driving licence application.

Note: Send in a visa that proves you have permission to live in the United Kingdom if you do not have an EU or EEA passport.

You cannot use any of these as identification for driving licence application:

Note: It is best not to send in your passport if you will need it to travel within the next month. Instead, consider delaying your driving licence application until you return to the UK.

Identity Documents for a Pensioner

Once you reach State Pension age you can send in an original of any of these documents that are in your name:

Using UK Birth and Adoption Certificates for Identification

UK birth and adoption certificate are valid for identification purposes. But you must send it in along with one of the following:

If Your Name or Gender Changes

Your name or gender may have changed since your identity document got issued. In this case you will need to provide extra evidence of identification for a driving licence application. Send one of the following to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Note: Send in your Gender Recognition Certificate if you already applied to change your gender.

Who Can Sign Identity Confirmation Form and Photograph?

The person who signs the identity confirmation form and photo must hold a valid GB photocard driving licence and be:

Suitable and appropriate people include:

Note: Write their former job on the form if they have since retired (e.g. 'retired teacher'). The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will contact the person who signs your licence application.

Photo signature confirmation is not required if you agree for DVLA to check your identity by:

Note: Your identity photograph does not need signing if you renew your licence using a new photo.

How Identity Documents Get Returned

DVLA return your driving licence and your identity documents as separate packages. You can get your identity documents returned by special delivery from DVLA. In this case you should include a stamped self-addressed special delivery envelope.

Note: You should contact DVLA if you do not receive your licence or get your identity documents returned after the application.

ID for Driving Licence Application in the United Kingdom