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Driver Licence Fees

Driving Licence Fees 2022

Check the current cost to renew, replace, or amend a driving licence. This section lists driving licence fees for the different types of licences and how to pay.

COST OF A DRIVING LICENCE: The fee will depend on whether you want to:

How to get the First Great Britain Driving Licence

Note: The cost of a driving licence is different in Northern Ireland.

Replace a Lost Driving Licence (damaged, stolen, or destroyed)

As a rule, the cost of replacing a driving licence is £20. Getting a replacement licence is a requirement if yours gets defaced, destroyed, lost, or stolen.

Change Name, Address or Photo on a Photocard Driving Licence

The fees for making changes to a driving licence depend on what you change and whether you do it online or by postal methods.

How to Renew a Driving Licence

Note: In most cases, a photocard licence is valid for 10 years (unless stated otherwise). DVLA send a reminder to renew the photo before the current licence will end. The cost to renew an expired drivers licence at a Post Office is £21.50.

Renewing a Short Term Medical Driving Licence

There is no charge to renew a short-term medical driving licence. The renewal can take place online if you have certain health conditions. They include a heart condition, diabetes, epilepsy, a sleep condition, visual impairment, or Parkinson's disease.

How to Add, Renew, or Remove an Entitlement

Note: If you want to change the photograph at the same time it will cost £17.

Exchanging a Paper or Non-GB Driving Licence

How to get a Licence Back after it got Taken Away

The fee depends on why you had your licence taken away and how you got it back.

DVLA Driving Licence Fees in United kingdom