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Reapply for Your Driver's Licence

Reapplying for a Driving Licence

Check how to reapply for driving licence if you got disqualified. The disqualification can be for drink driving or for other motoring offences.

AFTER DISQUALIFICATION: There are several situations that mean you must apply for a new licence to drive.

Typical situations include instances such as if:

Note: You can view or share your driving licence information or record online. This is useful to check when a disqualification will finish.

Applying for Driving Licence after Disqualification

If you got disqualified for drink or drunk driving, the DVLA will send a D27 licence renewal form:

Fill in the D27 renewal form and send it to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. You will also need to send the correct driving licence fees. DVLA will inform you if you need to send the new 'passport-style' photograph in the renewal form.

You will need to order the application form if you do not get one by post. You can get one from the DVLA or from large Post Office branches.

Note: You must not drive or ride a vehicle until the disqualification period has completely finished.

Getting a Licence Back after Disqualification: New Drivers

Different rules apply to 'new drivers' who get disqualified. That means the licence got cancelled within two (2) years of passing the test. In this case, you need to apply for a new provisional licence and then retake both parts of the driving test.

You can apply for a new licence at any time if it gets cancelled. Use the Form D1 available from DVLA or the Post Office. Return the D1 application form with the licence fees to the address written on the form.

Holders of a Provisional Licence

What if a provisional licence gets cancelled after passing the test but you did not send off to get a full licence? In this case, you would need to retake both parts of the driving examination again. But, you would not need to apply for a provisional licence. You would be able to use the current provisional licence to retake the tests.

Not Handing Over a Licence to Court

A licence may become invalid if you failed to hand it over to the court for endorsement purposes. In this case, you would need renew your driving licence.

Reapplying for a Driving Licence in Northern Ireland

You should contact the Driver and Vehicle Agency if you are in Northern Ireland. The DVA handles applications for driving licence renewals after a disqualification.

Non-GB Driving Licence Holders

DVLA return licences when a disqualification period ends for holders of a non-GB driving licence.

How to Reapply for Driving Licence after Disqualification in the United kingdom