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Guide to Using the Road

Highway Code Using the Road Rules

Using the road safely and courteously means following the Highway Code. The rules apply to the safety checks made before you move off and throughout the full journey.

MIRROR SIGNAL MANOEUVRE UK: Highway Code using the road rules 159 to 161 cover these important regulations for motorists.

Rule 159: Always perform the mirror checks when moving off and check the blind spot before moving off:

Always follow these rules for using the road and general guidelines before you move off. Motorists should continue using them even when they are on the move in their vehicle.

Rule 160: Once your vehicle starts moving you should keep it to the left side of the road. This rule applies until or unless road signs and markings direct you to take a different action.

Note: There are some exceptions to Highway Code rule 160. They include times when you want to overtake another vehicle or turn right at a junction. Maneuvering passed parked vehicles or pedestrians in the roadway is another exception.

While moving along and using the road you should also:

Rule 161: The Highway Code rules say you should use all vehicle mirrors effectively throughout each journey. Proper use of mirrors means you should:

Mirror Signal Manoeuvre Highway Code

Note: The most important rule to remember while using the road is the 'Mirrors Signal Manoeuvre' routine.

Highway Code Using the Road Rules in the United Kingdom