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Motorcycle Helmet Standards

Motorcycle Helmet Law: Crash Helmets

This page explains the law on wearing motorcycle helmets in the United Kingdom. When riding a motorcycle or moped on the road it is compulsory for all motorcyclists to wear a safety helmet.

UK MOTORCYCLE HELMET LAWS: Wearing a motor cycle crash helmet first became compulsory in 1973. It is now a legal requirement.

The law also states that motorcycle crash helmets UK must meet or exceed British safety standards.

This guide has important information on motorcycle crash helmet safety standards. We list the 3 legal guidelines of UK helmet safety standards.

SHARP is the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme. You can use the SHARP rating system to help you make an informed choice on choosing the best motorcycle crash helmets.

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Motorcycle Helmet Standards

All motorcycle safety helmets worn while riding on roads in the UK must meet one of the following regulations:

Motorcycle Goggles and Visor

Anyone riding a motorcycle or moped with a visor or goggles means the device must (either):

Protective Motorcycle Clothing Laws

Currently there is no law which regulates wearing other motorcycle protective gear and clothing. But, wearing specialised motorcycle gear gets recommended by police forces and emergency services.

Wearing Protective Motorcycle Gear Might Save Your Life!

Motorcycle Helmet Regulations

The 'Motor Cycles Protective Helmets Regulations 1998' provides legal guidelines for motorcycle and moped helmet compliance. The motorcycle Highway Code also has further guidance on wearing a motorbike helmet and safety gear in the United Kingdom.

Rule 4. Protective Headgear

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in the United Kingdom