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UK Highway Code Laws

Essential reading for vehicle drivers, motorcyclists, and all other road users.

BASIC HIGHWAY CODE RULES: You will find invaluable safety information and guidance applying to the most vulnerable road users including small children, older pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders.

The main purpose and objective of having basic Highway Code UK regulations is to reduce road casualties and deaths for drivers and wayfarers on the streets in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Is The Highway Code Law?

Disobeying National Highway Laws is a criminal offence usually resulting in a fine, disqualification, or penalty points.

Severe prosecutions can result in a prison sentence for the offender. The British Highway Code can also be used to provide evidence or establish liability in a court of law as per the United Kingdom Road Traffic Acts.

The Highway Code Guide

Driving Vehicles Under Severe Weather ConditionsAdverse Weather

DRIVING IN SEVERE WEATHER: UK Highway Code rules and tips help you drive safely in bad weather conditions such as thick fog, snow, in wet and windy weather, and on slippery icy road surfaces. The seasonal climate in and around Great Britain means all drivers should use extreme caution while driving in dangerous weather conditions.

Highway Code about AnimalsAnimals

HIGHWAY CODE & ANIMALS: The UK Highways Code of Practice regulate and maintain the rules for animals in the road (e.g. horses or dogs) and for operators of horse-drawn vehicles - including the riders.

Highway Code Before Setting Off Before Setting Off

BEFORE YOU DRIVE AWAY: The British Highway Code issues safe standards instructing drivers to make a few minutes of awareness checks before setting off on a trip. This section also covers Highway Code UK rules for towing a trailer and loading it safely and according to the traffic laws in the United Kingdom.

Highway Code Breakdown RulesBreakdowns

VEHICLE BREAKDOWNS & INCIDENTS: Highway Code UK covers the regulations for car drivers breaking down on public roads as well as the rules and safe procedures for handling emergency incidents. Knowing what to do if your car breaks down on a motorway or public road is covered by the breakdowns and incidents rulings of the UK Highway Code.

Highway Code Rules for CyclistsCyclists

RULES FOR CYCLISTS: This section covers vital information about the lawful rights for cycle riders. There is extra guidance addressing cyclists' bike positioning at junctions, roundabouts, and while crossing busy roads. It is essential reading for anyone who rides a bicycle around the roadways and public thoroughfares.

ELECTRIC BIKE LAWS: Electric bikes, also called a booster bike, use an integrated electric motor for propulsion. Find out the rules and regulations for electric bikes and the EAPC requirements for riding e-bikes.

Highway Code Fitness to DriveFitness to Drive

RULES FOR ROAD USERS: All motorists should be aware of the driving Highway Code UK road rules regarding the general fitness needed to drive legally and safely. Find out how traffic laws regulate drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and make sure you comply with seat belts and child restraint rules.

Highway Code General Rules and AdviceGeneral Rules

HIGHWAY CODE ADVICE: A general guidance section answering many common questions about how to drive with reasonable consideration for other road users and keeping control of the vehicle in tricky situations.

ROAD MARKINGS: Motorists should be familiar with solid, broken, white or yellow, lines and dividers used as road markings and find out your lane discipline when driving on single and multi-lane carriageways.

SAFE DRIVING TECHNIQUES: This section covers the general rules for all drivers and riders with particular advice and techniques about signalling to other road users, car stopping procedures, and important information about vehicle lighting regulations.

Highway Code for ChildrenHighway Code for Children

CHILDREN'S HIGHWAY CODE: Parents can use this free road safety guide to teach small children how to stay safe near the streets and highways around the United Kingdom. The Highway Code for Children is a special version which teaches young kids how to cross a road safely.

Mobility Scooters Road RulesInvalid Carriages

USE OF INVALID CARRIAGE ON HIGHWAYS: All powered Mobility Scooters and Wheelchair road rules are classified by traffic laws according to their design and capabilities regarding the road traffic act 1988 in the United Kingdom.

Highway Code Rules for MotorcyclistsMotorcyclists

RULES FOR MOTORCYCLISTS: Information for all motorbike riders regarding helmet regulations, riding at night, and carrying pillion passengers. The driving Highway Code rules for motorcyclists also covers regulatory guidance for bikers riding in the daylight and how special motorbike equipment helps you to be seen by other motorists.

QUAD BIKES LAW: Most quad bikes do not meet road safety standards for the United Kingdom. Find out the quad bikes law for type approval, registration, tax, and MOT (where required).

Highway Code Rules for Motorway DrivingMotorways

RULES FOR MOTORWAY DRIVING: Learn the general procedures for driving on motorways including joining traffic, driving vehicles on motorways using the proper lane discipline and signals, as well as exiting slip roads correctly, according to The Highway Code in the United Kingdom.

National Speed Limits UKNational Speed Limits

UK HIGHWAY SPEED ALLOWANCES: The speeding maximums apply for safe motoring in optimum conditions and are regulated by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). The national speed limits allowances do not necessarily represent prudent driving speeds for all situations on all highways.

Vehicle Parking Rules UKParking Laws

VEHICLE PARKING RULES: UK Highway Code roadside stop laws and parking penalty regulations are rigorously enforced often resulting with severe penalties. Learn where you can and cannot park.

Rules for Pedestrians Highway Code UKPedestrian Rules

ROAD TRAFFIC RULES FOR WALKERS: Rules for pedestrians state that they should use pavements and roadside paths close to the kerbside facing forwards and towards oncoming traffic.

Roadside Emergency First Aid Highway Code UKRoadside First Aid

EMERGENCY FIRST AID FOR ROAD CASUALTIES: Rendering assistance at an accident is a temporary procedure until the arrival of professional Emergency Medical Service personnel. Being prepared for roadside emergency first aid means always carrying a first aid kit and being trained in first aid emergency response skills.

Vulnerable Road Users Highway Code UKRoad Users Requiring Extra Care

VULNERABLE ROAD USERS: Driving Highway Code rules (204 to 225) address the additional consideration needed by drivers and riders to watch out for road users requiring extra care such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and other road vehicles.

Highway Code - Seat Belt RestraintsSeat Belts

SEAT BELTS & CHILD RESTRAINTS: Find out about the UK Highway Code Rule #99 regarding seat belts and child restraints in vehicles. You MUST wear a seat belt in cars, vans and other goods vehicles if one is fitted (see detailed table for full information).

UK Road Traffic Signs Highway CodeTraffic Signs

UK ROAD TRAFFIC SIGNS: Learn common signage from The Highway Code Traffic Signs used on British roads and motorways necessary for new drivers and riders to pass the driving theory test.

UK Tram and Tramway RulesTrams and Tramways

TRAM & TRAMWAY REGULATIONS: The Highway Code rules for driving near tramcar systems or near 'swept path' tramways are represented by special road markings and road surfaces. Tram drivers get their instructions from road traffic signals which are usually diamond-shaped tram signs and white light signals.

Using the Road Highway CodeUsing the Road

MIRRORS - SIGNAL - MANOEUVRE: Using the road safely and courtiously means following the Highway Code general rules and guidelines before you move off and then while you on the move. The important regulations for motorists using the road are covered by the Highway Code manoeuvre rules from 159 to 161.

UK Highway Code - Vehicle ConditionVehicle Condition

CONDITION OF ROAD VEHICLES: According to The Highway Code UK regulations and regarding your car's condition, you MUST ensure that your vehicle (and trailer if used) fully comply with all Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations and Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations.

TINTED WINDOWS LAW: What is the law on tinted vehicle windows and side glasses? This guide outlines the tint measurement regulations and car window tinting rules in the United Kingdom.

Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations UKVehicle Lighting Regulations

THE ROAD VEHICLES LIGHTING REGULATIONS 1989: The road vehicles lighting regulations act has been amended in the United Kingdom and now covers the legal requirements for the use of headlamps and front fog lamps.

Despite the most susceptible victims of road accidents being children, senior citizens, and the disabled, statistics show annual road deaths are steadily falling. According to the Reported Road Casualties of Great Britain (RRCGB) a total of 1,754 people were killed on UK roads in 2012.

Motorists and pedestrians share a responsibility to reduce the number of daily road fatalities and injuries. The UK Highway Code Laws provide strict guidance and essential driving techniques to meet these objectives.

UK Highway Code Rules and Road Driving Guide