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The rules of the Highway Code are essential reading for anyone who uses the roads and highways. This guide will help drivers and riders learn to drive and keep all road users safe from accidents.

BASIC HIGHWAY CODE RULES: UK motorists and pedestrians all share a common responsibility - reducing daily road fatalities and injuries!

The main purpose of the Highway Code regulations is to reduce road casualties and deaths for drivers and wayfarers on the streets.

UK Highway Code Laws give strict instructions with essential safe driving techniques. Follow the UK rules of the road to meet these objectives.

This section has invaluable driving rules and safety information. They also apply to the most vulnerable road users. Motorists must use extra caution around small children, older pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders.

Is The Highway Code Law or a Guide?

In fact, the Highway Code wording makes it clear to identify the law. The words of MUST and MUST NOT are the rules.

Disobeying National Highway Laws is committing a criminal offence. As a rule, it will result in a fine, driver licence penalty points, or a complete disqualification from driving.

Severe prosecutions can result in a prison sentence for offenders. The British Highway Code can also be of use to provide evidence or establish liability in a court of law as per the United Kingdom Road Traffic Acts.

Highway Code 2019 Guide A to Z

Note: British Highway Code rules apply in England, Scotland, and in Wales. Road laws differ in Northern Ireland. The Department for Transport is the government organisation that last updated Highway Code UK.

Driving Vehicles Under Severe Weather ConditionsAdverse Weather

DRIVING IN BAD WEATHER: The Highway Code for driving in bad weather conditions is essential reading. The section explains how to drive in snow, fog, in wet and windy weather, and on slippery icy roads.

Highway Code about AnimalsAnimals

HIGHWAY CODE ANIMALS: The UK Highways Code of Practice regulate the rules for animals in the road. The laws apply to dogs as well as the horses riding rules on the road.

Highway Code Before Setting Off Before Setting Off

AWARENESS CHECKS: The UK Highway Code issues safety standards for drivers before moving off. Take a few moments to conduct a roadworthiness checklist before setting off on a journey.

Highway Code Breakdown RulesBreakdowns

VEHICLE BREAKDOWN PROCEDURE: What should you do if your car breaks down on a public road or on a motorway? The Highway Code emergency car breakdown and incidents section has the answers.

Follow UK Rules for 2019 Updates!

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Highway Code Rules for CyclistsCyclists Highway Code

CYCLE RIDERS: The section covers vital information about the Highway Code for cyclists. There is extra guidance addressing bike positioning at junctions and crossing busy roads.

ELECTRIC BIKE LAW: Electric bikes, also called a booster bike, use an integrated electric motor for propulsion. Check EAPC road rules and electric bike regulations for riding pedal assist e bikes.

Highway Code General Rules and AdviceGeneral Road Rules

ASSESSING READINESS: All motorists should be aware of the Highway Code fitness to drive road rules. They relate to the general readiness needed for safe and legal motoring.

HIGHWAY CODE ADVICE: Rules 144 to 154 cover the Highway Code general advice for all motorists. Learn the stopping distances while keeping control of the vehicle in tricky situations.

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: Information on UK vehicle lighting requirements for all motorists. Check how and when to use car sidelights, dipped headlights, and hazard warning lights.

MIRRORS SIGNAL MANOEUVRE: Driving safely and courteously means following the Highway Code. The basic rules for using the road apply to safety checks made before you move off and throughout the full journey.

MULTI LANE CARRIAGEWAY: A section about lane discipline on single carriageway and dual carriageways. The guide also explains road furniture on multi lane carriageways.

ROAD MARKINGS: Test your knowledge of Highway Code road markings and meaning. Check the rules for solid, broken, white or yellow lines and lane dividers.

SAFE DRIVING TECHNIQUES: A section covering the rules for giving signals and signalling to other road users. Further details cover Highway Code stopping procedures and how DVSA may stop you.

VULNERABLE ROAD USERS: Highway Code rules 204 to 225 address situations requiring extra care on the roads. Check out the additional consideration needed by drivers and riders.

Highway Code for ChildrenHighway Code for Children

CHILDREN'S HIGHWAY CODE: The Highway Code for Children is a simplified version of the rules. Parents can use it to teach kids how to cross a road safely.

Mobility Scooters Road RulesMobility Scooters

INVALID CARRIAGES: Read the guidance on mobility scooters Highway Code rules 36 to 46. It explains the use of all types of invalid carriages on the pavements and on the roads.

Highway Code Rules for MotorcyclistsMotorcyclists

CRASH HELMET LAWS: The page explains motorcycle helmet laws in the United Kingdom. It is compulsory for all motorbike riders to wear a safety helmet.

MOTORBIKE RULES: Read through the Highway Code for motorcyclists and for all moped riders. The motorbike Highway Code also governs pillion passenger rules in the United Kingdom.

QUAD BIKE LAWS: Most quad bikes do not meet road safety standards for the United Kingdom. Find out the quad bikes law for type approval, registration, tax, and MOT (where required).

Highway Code Rules for Motorway DrivingMotorways

MOTORWAY DRIVING: The Highway Code motorway driving rules cover the procedures for using motorways. Rules 253 to 273 explain the proper use of lanes, signals, and slip road exits.

MOT Rules and Regulation in the UKMOT Rules

VEHICLE TESTING: Find out how to get an MOT test certificate for a vehicle and the fees. Check MOT rules and regulation on exemptions, a retest, and how to appeal if it fails the test.

National Speed Limits UKNational Speed Limits

SPEED ALLOWANCES: Are you familiar with the national speed limits in the United Kingdom? The section lists the speeding maximums that apply for safe motoring in 'optimum conditions'.

Vehicle Parking Rules UKParking Laws

UK PARKING RULES: The roadside stop laws and restrictions have severe penalties. Check the Highway Code parking rules near a corner, on the pavement, at a junction, and in front of a driveway.

Rules for Pedestrians Highway Code UKPedestrians

RULES FOR WALKERS: There are specific rules for pedestrians when using pavements and roadside paths. As a rule, stay away from the kerbside and face forwards towards oncoming traffic.

Roadside Emergency First Aid Highway Code UKRoadside First Aid

EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Rendering first aid at the scene of a road accident is a temporary procedure. Follow the DR ABC first aid routine until professional Emergency Medical Service personnel arrive.

UK Road Traffic Signs Highway CodeTraffic Signs

ROAD SIGNS: Learn common signage from a UK road signs PDF with free download option. The knowledge is essential reading for new drivers and riders to pass the driving theory test.

UK Tram and Tramway RulesTrams and Tramways

TRAMWAY RULES: A section explaining how to drive near tramcar systems. Special road markings represent the 'swept path' for trams and tramways.

TRAM SIGNAGE: Tram drivers get their instructions from road traffic signals. The signage is usually diamond-shaped tram signs and white light signals.

UK Highway Code - Vehicle ConditionVehicle Condition

RVLR 1989: The United Kingdom amended the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations act. It now covers the legal requirements for the use of headlamps and front fog lamps.

SEAT BELTS: Under the law, you MUST wear a seat belt in cars, vans, and other goods vehicles (if fitted). Check a table showing Highway Code seat belts law for child passengers.

TINTED WINDOWS LAW: What is the law on tinted vehicle windows and car side glasses? Check the legal tint measurement and window tinting law in the United Kingdom.

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE: The Highway Code provides information and rules about vehicle maintenance, safety and security. It includes some general guidance for drivers besides that which they must obey.

Note: The most susceptible victims of road accidents are children, senior citizens, and the disabled. Statistics show annual road deaths are falling. The Reported Road Casualties of Great Britain suggest around 1,780 road deaths occur each year.

UK Highway Code Rules of the Road: Safe Driving for Life Guide