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Becoming a Fleet Trainer

How to Become a Fleet Driver Trainer

After becoming a fleet driver trainer you can apply to join the voluntary register. It is for people who specialise in training fully qualified drivers of fleet vehicles (e.g. cars and vans).

This section explains how to apply to join the voluntary register of fleet driver trainers, the fees involved, and the process for taking standards checks.

Fleet Driver Trainer Qualification Process

You must have already become an ADI before you can join the register. You also need to take one of the DVSA accredited fleet driver training courses.

After completing the qualification course you would need to join the voluntary register within 12 months. Then, you will be able to:

Note: Having successfully become a fleet driver trainer your registration will last for a period of four (4) years.

Apply to Join the Fleet Driver Trainer Register

You can download the application to join the fleet driver trainer register from the GOV.UK website. Fill in the form and send it to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Register of Fleet Driver Trainers
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
The Axis Building
112 Upper Parliament Street

Already Done a Training Course

Anyone who has already completed a DVSA accredited training course can send the form to DVSA. Remember to include the current registration fee (£120) and:

Note: You would need to have completed the accredited training course within the last twelve (12) months.

How to Manage Your Registration

Once you become a fleet driver trainer it will be your responsibility to renew your registration before it runs out.

Note: Use the form titled 'application for an extension of fleet driver trainer registration' to renew a registration.

Download the form and send it to the DVSA address (see above). Remember to send the current registration fee and a passport-style photo.

There is no need to qualify again providing you re-join the register within twelve (12) months of the registration expiring.

Replacing a Registration Certificate

You will need to write to the DVSA if you lose your registration certificate (e.g. destroyed or stolen). Send them a passport-style photograph and pay the replacement fee of £3.60 to get a new certificate.

Advertising Yourself as a DVSA Fleet Trainer

It benefits anyone running transport and driving businesses to advertise themselves as offering 'DVSA registered fleet driver training'.

Nonetheless, you must get permission to use DVSA logos (e.g. business adverts placed in classified directories).

Taking standards checks

The modified ADI standards check replaced the old 'check test' in April 2014. The new version provides a regular assessment of your teaching ability to train drivers who hold a provisional or full driving licence.

Note: There is no requirement for taking a separate check to stay on the fleet driver trainer voluntary register.

How the Standards Checks Work

A DVSA examiner will watch as you give a driving lesson to one of your pupils and then provide you with a short debrief after the training.

The learner driver pupil (or full licence holder) that you take for the lesson can either be a driver that you did not assess before or one that you have already assessed.

If you take a driver you have not previously assessed:

If you take a driver you have previously assessed:

You would need to inform the DVSA examiner as to what main risk areas you intend to give coaching for (as part of the standards check).

Getting Your Standards Test Result

The examiner will inform you of your grade and give you the completed standards check form after the test has finished (as in the normal ADI standards check procedures).

Being Removed from the Register of Fleet Drivers

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will remove you from the ADI register as well as the register of fleet drivers, if:

Note: There are special rules to follow if you will be supervising small lorry and minibus learner drivers.

Becoming a Fleet Driver Trainer in the United Kingdom