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Become a Speed Limiter Centre

Becoming a Speed Limiter Centre

Speed limiters are compulsory for all goods vehicles with a maximum laden weight over 3.5 tonnes. Moreover, only approved centres can fit and repair these types of speed governors.

Information in this section explains how to become an approved speed limiter centre in the United Kingdom. We also clarify the key differences between independent and sponsored speed limiter centres.

So, what is a speed limiter centre and what do they do? The main purpose is to install (and adjust when necessary) a device that limits how fast vehicles can go.

There are two different methods used for becoming an approved speed limiter centre (SLC). You can either:

Note: As a rule, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency will only grant approval to existing vehicle dealerships.

Independent Speed Limiter Centre

You must use the application form ASA2 to become an independent authorised sealer of road speed limiters. Fill in the form and send it by email or by post to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

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DVSA Inspections

Staff members from the DVSA will want to inspect your premises. They will also check the facilities you have and the staff you employ. If they find everything to be in order they will approve your application to become a speed limiter centre.

Note: The DVSA will send you an authorisation letter if they grant approval for you to work as an independent speed limiter centre.

Sponsored Speed Limiter Centre

DVSA regulations on becoming a sponsored speed limiter centre are strict. As such, you would need to have a sponsored vehicle dealership to start the application process.

What Qualifies as a Sponsor?

Qualifying sponsors would be DVSA-approved dealerships that either make or supply:

After approval, sponsors would be able to approve vehicle dealerships that they are already working with if they want to become speed limiter centres.

How to Get Sponsored?

Securing a sponsorship would depend on your vehicle dealership. You should contact them and ask whether they agree to you becoming a sponsored speed limiter centre (or not).

Important: The rules on becoming an approved speed limiter centre allow you to have more than one sponsor.

Sponsor Inspections

It is commonplace for sponsors to carry out regular checks on the equipment made or sold by their approved agents. In most cases, they will also provide:

Approval from a Sponsor

Your sponsor would send you an authorisation letter if they approve to you becoming a sponsored speed limiter centre (SLC).

Note: A different section explains the process for setting up an Approved Tachograph Centre (ATC) and the rules on driving hours in the United Kingdom.

Finding an Approved Speed Limiter Centre

There is an easy way to search for a speed limiter centre if you need them to test or repair your vehicle speed limiter. The GOV.UK website also allows you to find your postcode using the Royal Mail postcode finder.

Note: It's a good idea to contact the speed limiter centre beforehand to confirm they can work with the particular type of vehicle and speed limiter that you have.

Important InformationThe UK looks set to adopt vehicle speed limiting technology from 2022. The video explains how!

Becoming an Approved Speed Limiter Centre in the United Kingdom