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Blue Badge Scheme and Procedures

Blue Badge Disabled Parking

Find information about the Blue Badge scheme and the application and renewal procedures. Check the restrictions for disabled parking permits and how to pay parking fines.

BLUE BADGES: This section also has guidance on the eligibility criteria for the Blue Badge disabled parking scheme in England and Wales.

The main aim of the UK Blue Badge scheme is to help people who have severe mobility problems. It also addresses the difficulties and problems people face when using public transport.

Thus, having Blue Badges means disabled drivers can park closer to the place they want to visit.

The UK Government changed the way it assesses who qualifies for a Blue Badge. They say the modern process for qualification is clearer.

This is a result of bringing the scheme into line with their reform of disability benefits. Even so, having the blue window card means you must follow the Blue Badge rules and regulations.

You can check the current laws and Blue Badge regulations from this overview section. The guide covers topics such the procedures for dealing with parking penalty fines. Find out how to pay PCN and FPN fines.

Blue Badge Rules A to Z

Apply for Disability Bus PassApply for a Bus Pass

DISABLED PERSONS: Bus passes are part of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme. Thus, you can apply for a disabled person's bus pass if you are 'eligible disabled' and living in England.

ELDERLY PERSONS: You can apply for an older person's bus pass when you reach female State Pension age. It applies to all men and women who live in England.

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Applying for a Dropped KerbApply for a Dropped Kerb

DROPPING A KERB: Having the kerb dropped allows road vehicles to cross over the pavement into a driveway. Contact your local council to apply for a dropped kerb and further information.

Blue Badge Scheme in the United KingdomBlue Badge Scheme

APPLY FOR A BLUE BADGE: Check out the process of Blue Badge application and renewal. Follow the steps to get a Blue Badge online or renew an expired parking permit.

CHANGE DETAILS: Changing a name or address means you need to replace and change the details on a Blue Badge. You will need the original Blue Badge number, your NI number, and the name of your local council.

LOST OR STOLEN: You need a crime reference number to report a lost or stolen Blue Badge to the council. A replacement costs £10 and you can continue to use your old badge until the new one arrives.

PARKING FINDER: Check where Blue Badge holders can park their vehicle. The search function also informs you where the local council provides parking spaces.

PARKING PERMITS: Disabled drivers and passengers can park closer to their destination. Use your postcode to get Blue Badge information from the local council in England.

How to Challenge a Parking FineChallenge a Parking Fine

APPEAL A PARKING TICKET: Contact the council who issued the PCN to appeal a parking fine. In England and Wales, you have 28 days to challenge a penalty charge notice (14 days for the 50% discount).

Link to Driving and Transport Rules OverviewDriving and Transport

DRIVING RULES: Learn the traffic requirements as vehicle drivers, motorcycle riders, and pedestrians. The driving and transport rules section is for anyone using roads and highways around the UK.

EYESIGHT RULES: What are the eyesight requirements for driving in the United Kingdom? The guide explains the DVLA legal eyesight standard for driving and for passing the driving test.

Mobility Scooters and Powered Wheelchairs Road RulesInvalid Carriages

MOBILITY SCOOTERS: All mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs must follow the road rules. In the UK they get classified according to their design and capabilities for road use.

Driving with Medical Conditions and DisabilitiesMedical Conditions

INFORMING DVLA: Certain medical conditions and disabilities can affect your ability to drive 'safely'. Find out when to inform DVLA of a medical condition or a disability and what happens to your licence.

Parking Ticket Rules GuideParking Tickets

APPEAL A PCN: In some cases, you can make an appeal against a penalty charge notice or parking ticket. The section explains the 'charge certificate' process and 'order of recovery' time limit.

PARKING TICKET LAWS: The parking tickets rules guide explains how to pay PCN and FPN fines. There is extra information on how to challenge a PCN at a local authority or the police.

PAY A PARKING FINE: Go online to pay a parking fine or Penalty Charge Notice issued by a local council. You must live in England or Wales and know your postcode to use the GOV.UK payment tool.

PAY FPN ONLINE: You will need the 16 digit Notice number to pay a Fixed Penalty online. You will also need the Offence code found on the ticket paperwork.

How to Report an Unlicenced Taxi or Minicab DriverReport Unlicensed Taxi

REPORT PHV OR TAXI DRIVER: You are within your rights to report an unlicensed PHV or taxi driver. Report it to TfL inside the borough and to your local council if you are outside of London.

How to Renew a Short-term driving Licence OnlineShort Term Driving Licence

RENEW SHORT-TERM LICENCE: There are several ways of renewing a short term medical driving license. You may have one due to a medical condition. It can last for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years before it expires.

How to Surrender Your Driving LicenceSurrendering a Driving Licence

STOP DRIVING: There is no legal age to stop driving, but a medical condition may force you to give up your licence. In this case, you would need to surrender your driver's licence to the DVLA.

Transport for Disabled Persons GuideTransport for Disabled Persons

DISABILITY TRAVEL: Providing easy access to transport for disabled people helps them use public services. Find out how transportation has become more accessible to people with disabilities.

Blue Badge Disabled Parking Scheme and Procedures in the United Kingdom