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Parenting and Parental Rights

Parenting and Your Parental Rights

Parenthood can be a tough job for many parents, but it is also one of the most rewarding. This parenting section explains the basics and your legal rights of being a parent.

BEING A PARENT: This guide is full of helpful tips and free advice for modern families. The aim is to make parenting easier.

Parenthood begins from pregnancy and runs through to graduation. But, there is a lot of parenting to carry out between these two phases.

Let's start by explaining the meaning of parenting. It is the process of child rearing - or raising children.

But, being a parent includes promoting and supporting your child as well. As a young offspring, they will need their parents' help through the many different parts of child development.

Children grow quickly from infancy to adulthood. But they will experience emotional, physical, social, and intellectual changes throughout.

The principle role of a parenting is raising a child. But, acting as a mother or a father goes beyond the biological relationship. This parenting rules guide aims to fill the gaps where help and advice makes a difference.

A Guide to Parenthood

Arranging Child Maintenance YourselfArranging Child Maintenance Yourself

FAMILY-BASED ARRANGEMENTS: There are advantages of arranging child maintenance yourself instead of using the CSA. Check how parents arrange child maintenance using family-based arrangements.

Becoming the Legal Parent of a Child in the United KingdomBecoming the Legal Parent of a Child

PARENTAL ORDER: Check how to become the legal parent of a child in the United Kingdom. Find out how to get a parental order using the C52 acknowledgement form.

Child Learning and Children's Safety Regulations GuideChild Learning and Safety

RULES FOR CHILDREN: Helping parents establish basic house rules for small kids and toddlers. The list of rules for children help improve family life and well-being for youngsters.

Early Years Foundation StageEarly Years Foundation Stage

EYFS FRAMEWORK: The standards set out in the early years foundation stage is statutory guidance - issued by law. Thus, all early years providers must follow the EYFS curriculum and framework.

Junior Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)Junior Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)

JUNIOR ISA: The guide explains how to open a Junior Individual Savings Account (ISA) for a child. Find out how to manage the account and add money into a Junior ISA.

Apply for Short-term CareShort-term Care

RESPITE CARE: You can apply for short-term care to get a break from caring for a disabled child. The council will inform you what activities are available for children with disabilities.

Parenting and Your Parental Rights in the United Kingdom