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Child Safety Guide

Rules for Children

A vital section helping parents establish house rules for small kids and toddlers. The list of child safety guidelines helps improve family life and well-being for youngsters.


This section covers sensitive topics about a child's learning, safety, and happiness during their growing years.

By doing so we can influence them at the time when they are most impressionable and developing maturity.

The categories cover child-sensitive topics about their learning and development into early adolescence.

All parents should benefit from increased safety and happiness during the most important growing years for your children.

Child Safety Guide

Childcare and Parenting Rules iconChildcare

CHILDCARE SUPPORT: Experiencing motherhood and raising a child can result with a search for financial support. This childcare and parenting section explains how to get help with child care in the UK. There is extra information on education and assistance for those with school-age children.

Fire Safety Rules for ChildrenFire Safety

FIRE SAFETY RULES FOR KIDS: Hot tips and essential advice for parents and child carers showing you the best way to teach children about fire safety. Let's face it - young children learn most by your example - and especially so when they see their parents and guardians being sensible about fire risks (e.g. cooking and using candles).

Flying Rules for Children and InfantsFlying

FLIGHTS WITH A BABY: 10 rule of thumb parenting tips and guidelines to keep your baby or infant of 3 to 6 months happy while flying with a baby or infant on an airplane.

FLYING RULES FOR CHILDREN: Regulations to follow and guidance from parents with insider tips from mothers with experience of flying with small children and toddlers.

Games Rules for Children and InfantsGames

GAMES RULES: There is no substitute for learning the official rules of board games and card games. This guide provides helpful tips and regulations for playing popular and traditional games.

CHILDREN'S CARD GAME: SNAP is one of the popular children's card games because it is not based on luck alone. Children will need a keen eyesight and sharp mental reactions to play snap card game. That's why snap card games get taught to children from an young age.

SCRABBLE WORD GAME: Scrabble is a popular word game played by two, three, or four players. These basic rules of Scrabble will help you understand how to use the word board and high scoring tiles.

CoE Child Underwear RuleUnderwear Rule

NSPCC UNDERWEAR RULE: The NSPCC PANTS rule aims to prevent and uncover child sexual abuse. The protective campaign book teams up with brief radio adverts issued by Council of Europe. Together, they both help parents teach kids the importance of the underpants rules.

Writing Books and Novels for ChildrenWriting for Children

WRITING CHILDREN'S BOOKS: The laws apply to authorial dummies as much as professional writers and illustrators. When writing children's books and publications, you must follow a set of rules and restrictions that cover the full library from baby pictorials to teenage novels.

Child Learning and Safety Regulations