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Dealing with Problems

Dealing with Problems in School

Get advice about dealing with your child's school problems and issues. Find out the best way to make a complaint about a school or childminder.

SCHOOL PROBLEMS: This section deals with the difficulties that children face in schools today.

Learn how to deal with common problems that children have while receiving their education.

It includes information about troublesome issues on exam results and grades.

Find out the steps for dealing with child illnesses during the school term.

This component also covers the way you should communicate with a school teachers.

There are proper procedures for dealing with school problems and issues. This is especially true about child bullying and discipline laws. Your local council may provide extra support for pupils who have medical conditions.

School Problems Guide

Appeal an Exam ResultAppeal an Exam Result

EXAM RESULTS: How to appeal an exam qualification result? You can make a legal challenge to school or college examination results and coursework. But, you must follow the proper steps if you believe the decisions are incorrect. In some cases, the school reviews and remarks your child's 'poor grades and qualifications'.

Bullying at SchoolBullying at School

SCHOOL BULLYING: How to stop bullying at school? UK law deals with the worst of school bullies. Find out what parents can do about a bully and how to report it. Bullying at school is illegal if the aggressor is violent or causes assault.

Complain About a School or ChildminderComplain About a School

SCHOOL COMPLAINTS: How to make a complaint about a school or childminder? A specific departmental complaints process exists if you are unhappy about staff behaviour. As a rule, the Department for Education or Ofsted deal with school complaints procedures.

Health and Safety for School ChildrenHealth and Safety in Schools

SCHOOL SAFETY: Schools have responsibilities for the health and safety of children in school. Their responsibility includes your child's health and safety in school field trips. A school's duty of care follows the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Illness and Your Child's EducationIllness and Child Education

SCHOOL ILLNESS: How do schools support pupils with severe medical conditions? A serious illness can affect your child's education. Schools support the educational needs of sick children if poor health stops them attending.

School ClosuresSchool Closures

CHECK SCHOOL CLOSURES: UK schools close when there is an emergency. As a rule, such closures are due to severe weather. You can check school closures on your local area council website. The online facility lets you see if your child's school is open as usual or not.

School Discipline and ExclusionsSchool Discipline and Exclusions

SCHOOL DISCIPLINE: Learn about school discipline rules and exclusion policy. Teachers and parents will also find essential guidance about pupil punishment for bad behaviour.

Dealing With Problems at Your Child's School; UK Rules Updated 2017