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Reporting Anti Competitive Practices

There are different ways of reporting your concerns about breaches in competition law, such as a cartel. Find out how to report anti competitive behaviour to the CMA or to an industry regulator.

Methods used to report activities that involve anti-competitive behaviour depend on what type of activity it is.

How to Report a Cartel

The CMA is the Competition and Markets Authority. Their priorities involve strengthening business competitiveness and preventing anti-competitive activities. Contact the CMA cartels hotline if:

  • You have knowledge or concerns about a cartel.
  • Your business has already been involved in a cartel.

Note: A cartel is a situation where two or more businesses agree not to compete with each other. Common types of cartels include bid rigging, market sharing, and price fixing (see below).

Under the Competition Act 1998 and the cartels policies in the United Kingdom, in some circumstances you may receive:

CMA Cartels Hotline
Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 0800 085 1664
London: 020 3738 6888
Find out about call charges.

Note: The CMA may offer a financial reward up to £100,000 for the information received about cartel activity (in exceptional circumstances).

Reporting Other Anti-competitive Activities

You can use a form to notify the CMA about anti-competitive practices or other market issues. Use it for reporting other types of anti-competitive activity (e.g. abusing a dominant position). Fill in the form and send it by email to [email protected].

Note: Contact the Citizens Advice to get help with a consumer problem. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) can help you with consumer credit-related issues.

Reporting Concerns to Industry Regulator

There are alternative ways to report anti-competitive behaviour direct to a regulator. Some of the most common sectors include:

  • Civil Aviation Authority for airports and air traffic services.
  • Financial Conduct Authority for financial services in the United Kingdom.
  • Monitor for health services in England.
  • Ofcom for television, radio, telephone, postal and Internet services.
  • Ofgem for gas and electricity in England, Wales, and in Scotland.
  • Ofwat for water and sewage services in England and Wales.
  • Office of Road and Rail for railways in England, Wales, and in Scotland.
  • Payment Systems Regulator for payment systems in the United Kingdom.
  • Utility Regulator for gas, electricity, water, and sewerage in Northern Ireland.


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How to Report Anti Competitive Activity in the United Kingdom