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Labelling Packaged Goods

Labelling Packaged Goods: Weights and Measures

The labelling of packaged goods falls under rules according to weights and measures law. Other specific rules may also apply when using the e mark or exporting to non-EEA countries.

The weight (grams or kilogrammes) or the volume (millilitres or litres) of packaged goods must show on the label.

Under quantity marking regimes a product label must be:

Weights and measures law allows the display of imperial measurement and the metric measurement. But, an imperial version must not stand out more than a metric measurement.

Note: Further rules clarify what information you must show on packaged food labels (e.g. a 'best before' or 'use by' date).

Using the Estimated Sign (e mark)

Having the e mark on packages that you export means you avoid having to meet the weights and measures rules of the European Economic Area countries.

But, you would only be able to use the e mark if your goods or packages are:

You may still use the e mark even if you pack goods using the minimum system. But, you would need to meet the 'three packers' rules of the average system. You would also need to be keeping accurate records for any goods that you export.

The e mark would need to show on the same part of the packaging as the quantity marking. In some cases, you can choose to avoid using the e mark by meeting the rules of the country you export to instead.

Exporting Goods to Non-EEA Countries

Exporting goods outside of the EEA means you would need to meet the rules for packaged goods in that particular country.

You can still use an estimated sign (e mark) even when exporting products to a non-EEA country. But, the country you export goods to may still carry out its own weights and measures checks on your packages.


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Labelling Packaged Goods: Weights and Measures in United Kingdom