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Tendering for Public Sector Contracts

Selling Goods or Services to the Public Sector

There are different ways to sell services when tendering for public sector contracts in United Kingdom. This guide also explains how to supply digital services through the Digital Marketplace, and others.

Different Opportunities and Ways to Tender

Anyone who is new to tendering for sales contracts might be wondering, 'what exactly is the meaning of public sector'?

The public sector is a segment of the economy. It comprises all levels of government and a raft of government-controlled enterprises.

Thus, for selling purposes it combines public services and public enterprises. But, it does not include households, private companies, or any voluntary organisations.

You can search for opportunities to sell your goods or your services to the public sector through several different means, including the:

Contacting the Crown Commercial Service

You can contact the Crown Commercial Service (CSS) for further help and information. They can also answer any specific questions on procurement rules and procedures.

CCS Supplier Support
Telephone: 0345 010 3503
Monday to Thursday: 8:30am to 5:30pm
Friday: 8:30am to 5pm

Note: Separate procurement websites deal with the contract tendering process in Northern Ireland, in Scotland, and in Wales.

Supply digital services through the Digital Marketplace

An opportunity to provide people, technology, and user research exists through the Digital Marketplace. You can use it to tender your services for digital projects for use in the public sector.

Applications to provide different services take place through a set of 'framework agreements'. So, an agreement would mean you can sell goods and services on the Digital Marketplace. As a rule, when you secure a framework agreement it would last for a period up to four (4) years.

Note: You may get an invitation to put yourself forward for carrying out public sector work. Even so, they do not make any guarantees that you would get the work.

The Application Process

To apply, you will need to follow specific guidance, such as the:

Digital Marketplace Email Alerts

There are specific application periods for the G-Cloud 10 and Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 frameworks. But, you can sign up to the Digital Marketing mailing list. You would get email alerts on when to apply to sell goods and services to the public sector.

Extra Help and Information

You can send a question about the Digital Marketplace by email to []


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Tendering for Public Sector Contracts in United Kingdom