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Sale of Goods and Services Laws

Rules for Selling Goods and Services

There are legal considerations to be aware of when running a company that sells goods and services. Check out the regulations for sale of goods and services in the United Kingdom.

Trade and Treat Customers with Fairness

Robust legislation has a big effect on the sale of goods in Great Britain. Selling a product to a customer enters the seller into an agreement (or a contract) with the purchaser.

The legal rights of a customer protect them if the goods they pay for do not 'conform to contract'. In simple terms that means the goods or services are faulty in some way.

Implied and Statutory Rights of Customers

Understanding the implied rights of customers is important if you run a company selling goods and services. The existence of consumer protection rights are an automatic entitlement by law. Thus, there is no lawful requirement for them to be agreed upon in advance of a purchase.

Consumer Rights Act 2015

The current Consumer Rights Act replaces the outdated Sale of Goods Act 1979. It places an obligation on anyone selling goods and services. In short, they must ensure they are fit for purpose, as described, and of satisfactory quality.

Items must be free from any defects or faults and be of a reasonable appearance. They must correspond with any description applied to it, whether as advertised by sign or by verbal methods.

Customers have the right to reject goods that do not meet the criteria. They can also demand a refund if they are not in acceptance. Accepting the sale of faulty goods or services would mean the customer:

There would be no obligation by law for the seller to offer a refund to a customer if the person who bought it:

Note: Certain products must be faulty to get a refund (e.g. CDs, magazines, newspapers, and perishables).

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