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Money matters to the country's elite finance institutions and top commercial bankers. It matters not whether you actually agree with the different processes of business!

RULES OF BUSINESS: The financial regulations in the United Kingdom make lots of money.

Business and Finance Guide

So what are the foremost rules of business and finance in England and its neighbours? Fiscal regulation laws govern and dictate common operating procedures of those involved.

That includes those who sell Financial Services, such as banks, insurance companies, and brokers.

'Business and Finance Rules the World and Money Matters for UK Businesses'.

Banks and Banking Systems in the United Kingdom GuideBanks and Banking

BANKING SYSTEMS: Bank services and current banking laws in the United Kingdom have changed. Banks have become 'increasingly' accountable and answerable to [you] - the customer!

10 Golden Rules of Business GuideBusiness

BUILDING A BUSINESS: The 10 basic rules of building a successful business are a good place to start off. They should be enough to get you moving in the right direction and keep you running on the right track.

CLOSING DOWN: The legalities of closing a business will apply if you relinquish ownership of a company. Check what help and advice is available when selling or closing down a business.

INSURANCE: Having adequate cover is essential for startups and growing businesses. Read through the basics in a simplified guide to business insurance explained for beginners.

PREMISES: Choosing the right commercial premises is part of operating a business. Browse through the business premises regulations and the required permissions.

SETTING UP: There are various reasons for 'going it alone' and setting up in business. Follow the basic steps of business set-up and your new venture could be even more successful.

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Business Debt and Bankruptcy GuideBusiness Debt and Bankruptcy

CASH FLOW PROBLEMS: All businesses can suffer issues with cash flow at certain times. Thus, the risk of facing business debt and bankruptcy is as realistic as it is being successful.

Business Rates Guide for Small Businesses in the United KingdomBusiness Rates

NON-DOMESTIC RATES: A property tax overview explaining who has to pay business rates. Find out how they get calculated and what to do if you are unable to pay your rate bill.

Business Finance and Support GuideBusiness Support

BUSINESS PLAN: What is a business plan and why should you write one? Find out how to write a business plan to use as a well-researched essential document and tool.

HMRC HELPLINE: Follow the link to get all the business support helpline contact details online. In some cases you can also get support and instant advice over the phone.

UK Mortgages GuideBusiness Tax

TAXATION GUIDE: What fundamental taxes do small businesses pay in the United Kingdom? This business tax overview is for business owners and anyone running their own company.

A Guide for Childcare Providers and Childminders in United KingdomChildcare Providers

CHILDMINDERS: A guide for childminders and childcare providers (e.g. nannies and nurseries). Find out when, and if, you must register with Ofsted, the registration process, and the fees.

Cryptocurrency Business GuideCryptocurrency Trading

DIGITAL CURRENCY: Cryptocurrency (crypto) is the trendy buzz word among investors and speculators. The section covers the basic strategy and how to trade cryptocurrency for beginners.

Farming Business GuideFarming Business

RUNNING A FARM: Running a farming business means complying with various standards and schemes. They include the registering and licensing of animals and health and safety protocols.

UK Financial Regulations GuideFinance

ECONOMIC POWERHOUSE: Some talk about the business rules for creating an economic powerhouse! How 5 simple steps can help to boost British businesses and enterprise.

FINANCIAL REGULATION: Most countries are made, or broken, by the provision and overseeing of Business and Finance sector regulation. The United Kingdom is no different!

Intellectual Property and Your Work GuideIntellectual Property

IP LAW: It is important to understand how intellectual property and your work have legal implications. Find out how to protect your own work and whether copyright, design right, patents, and trade marks apply to it.

Running a Limited Company GuideLimited Companies

RUNNING A LIMITED COMPANY: No accountant? Then you will need some simple advice on running a limited company. Information in the section is helpful guidance on how to run a small organisation.

Sale of Goods and Services Guide for UKSelling Goods and Services

SALE OF GOODS: Running a company that sells goods and services has legal implications. The section explains the regulations for the sale of goods and services in the United Kingdom.

A-Z UK Rules and RegulationsUK Rules A to Z

A-Z RULES: Knowledge is power! Check out an alphabetical list of rules and regulations for the United Kingdom.

Business and Finance Rules and Regulations Category Overview