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Planning Permissions on Farms

Farming Planning Permission

As a rule, planning permission for farms comes under the same regulations as other types of land and property. But, there are special planning rules and conditions for agricultural land and buildings on it.

PLANNING REGULATIONS: You will need farming planning permission if:

As a rule, you need planning permission when applying for a grant to fund a project if it includes a building or land development on the farm.

When Planning Permission for Farms is Not Needed

There are some exceptions whereby you do not need farming planning permission. They include situation such as:

Before planning a building project on any farm or land you should always check the rules with the appropriate authority. This may be the local planning authority in England and Wales, or Scotland. It would be the local planning area office in Northern Ireland.

Note: Failing to get planning permission means any work carried out can get stopped. The building can get torn down at your expense even if the construction got completed.

Applying for Planning Permission Farming

In England, you can make online planning applications through the 'Planning Portal'. It is a joint venture between TerraQuest Ltd, Local Government, and the Department for Communities.

Permitted Development

The farm must be 5 hectares (approximately 12.36 acres) or more to get considered as a permitted development area. You then have the right to alter farm buildings and erect or extend the building.

As a rule, you can also carry out excavations and engineering operations needed for agricultural purposes. But, you may need approval for certain details in the development.

Types of permitted developments and projects allowed include:

The LPA will confirm whether a planned construction gets covered by the permitted development rules. Contact the local area planning office if it is Northern Ireland. They will inform you whether the farming project needs planning permission.

The 'Agricultural Document Library' (ADLib) is an expanding resource. It currently contains over 2500 indexed and cross-linked documents from over 60 organisations. They supply advisory information to the planning guidance on permitted development on farms.

Farming Planning Permission Appeals

There are different rules and deadlines for appealing any farming planning permission decisions. It depends most on which country you are in. Check the planning permission appeals process guide for further information.

Planning Permission for Farms in the United Kingdom