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Farming Business: Rules and Regulation

Running a farming business means complying with various standards and schemes. They include the registering and licensing of animals and health and safety protocols.

FARMING BUSINESS UK: There is no shortage of expert help and advice for anyone running a farm business in the United Kingdom.

As a rule, it starts with writing a business plan and understanding how to run your business accounts.

There are several benefits in writing a business plan for your farm. It adds credibility and promotes your skill set as a farm owner or land manager.

Farmers should benchmark the business and plan ahead for future activity and expansion.

Use this guide to find specialist farming business information and financial support. It will help you run your farm and comply with farming rules and regulation.

There is extra guidance on farming business management and using farm compliance tools. The other important sections cover the rights of farm workers and pay schemes.

Farming Business Guide

Agricultural Sick Pay GuideAgricultural Sick Pay

ASP GUIDE: People who work in agriculture and farming have sick days too. But, as a rule farm workers would get Agricultural Sick Pay (ASP) instead of SSP.

HOLIDAY PAY: Agricultural workers can also get statutory holiday leave. Use the government site to calculate agricultural holiday entitlement in England and Wales.

Agricultural Skills and Training GuideAgricultural Skills and Training

LANTRA GUIDE: Agricultural training, skills courses, and qualifications are available through Lantra. They are the 'Sector Skills Council' for agriculture and farming in the United Kingdom.

Lantra Head Office
Telephone: 02476 696996

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Agricultural Workers' Rights GuideAgricultural Workers' Rights

FARM WORKERS' RIGHTS: The section explains agricultural workers' rights in the United Kingdom. It includes pay rates, holiday leave, overtime, and the agricultural minimum wage.

Report a Suspected Problem with an Animal Medicine or Microchip GuideAnimal Medicine and Microchip

CONTACT VMD: How to report animal medicine or a microchip problems or adverse reactions. The page explains what to do if a pet, other animal, or a human has an unexpected reaction to a veterinary medicine.

Register as a biomass supplier GuideBiomass Supplier

TRADING IN BIOMASS: Once you register as a biomass supplier you can supply biomass woodfuel. Registered suppliers sell woodfuel to traders and consumers who use the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Cattle Tracing System Online GuideCattle Tracing System

CTS ONLINE: Farmers can use Cattle Tracing System Online to register cattle births. The BCMS website also tracks details of individual animals and movements of the herd.

Farm and Livery Horses GuideFarm and Livery Horses

FARM HORSES: Keeping farm and livery horses means looking after their welfare and stables. Check the legal requirements of having horses on farms and in livery yards.

Health and Safety using Farm Vehicles and Machinery GuideFarm Vehicles and Machinery

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Information in the section addresses farm vehicles health and safety and its associated risks. Common types of accidents and fatalities on farms involve farming vehicles and machinery.

REGISTER A FARM VEHICLE: Most farm vehicles need registering with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The section explains how to register a farm vehicle and get the right approval for DVLA.

Farm and Livery Horses GuideFarming Business Support

BUSINESS HELPLINE: Click through to get farming business support and helpline contact details. Farmers can often get support and instant advice on the telephone.

June Survey of Agriculture and HorticultureJune Survey of Agriculture and Horticulture

AGRICULTURAL SURVEY: As a rule, completing Defra June agricultural survey is a requirement. They send you an email request or a survey form by post around late May or early June each year.

Milk Production Holdings GuideMilk Production Holdings

HOW TO APPLY: As a rule, you will need to register your milk production facility. There is a specific application form to register with the FSA in England and Wales.

Planning Permission for Farms GuidePlanning Permission

FARM PLANNING REGULATIONS: As a rule, planning permission for farms comes under the same planning regulations as other types of land and property. But, some special planning rules and conditions apply.

Register Land with the Rural Land Register GuideRegister Land

RLR REGISTRATION: Information in the page explains how to register land with the Rural Land Register. Check when and how to make land registration and what documents to send with an application.

Soil Protection Review GuideSoil Protection Review

SPR GUIDE: Check the information and guidance on the Soil Protection Review. You can now use an online tool to complete the annual farm soil management and protection review.

Update a Rural Payments ClaimUpdate a Rural Payments Claim

RURAL PAYMENTS: You can sign in or register to make a rural payments claim or to update your details. You can now use the new GOV.UK Verify to prove your identity for first time registration of an account.

Farming Business Rules and Requirements in the United Kingdom