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Administrative Restoration

How to Restore a Dissolved Company

Information in this page explains the process of administrative restoration or 'company restoration'. Check how to restore your dissolved company to the Company Register.

COMPANY RESTORATION: There are specific procedures for restoring a dissolved company.

You must apply to Companies House to get a company restored. The process is also known as 'administrative restoration'. It only applies to situations whereby:

Note: You will need to apply for a court order to restore a dissolved company in any other circumstances.

Applying for Administrative Restoration

If you apply for administrative restoration of a dissolved company you need to send to Companies House:

Companies House Address
Crown Way
CF14 3UZ

Companies House also accept telephone enquiries if you need help or advice about an administrative restoration application.

Companies House
Telephone: 0303 1234 500
Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 6pm
List of call charges in the United Kingdom.

After You Apply for Company Restoration

What if your application has been successful? In this case, the company gets restored as soon as the registrar sends a confirmation letter to you.

But, if the application gets refused, you may be able to:

How to Restore Your Dissolved Company to Companies House in United Kingdom