The UK Rules
Bank Laws and Banking Services

Bank Laws and Banking Rules

Current banking laws and bank services in the United Kingdom have changed. Banks have become 'increasingly' accountable and answerable to you - the customer!

HOW UK BANKS WORK: Tougher rules and regulations now exist like never before in the UK banking system. UK banking laws saw legislative changes and the introduction of new regulations in late 2013.

It should help savers who invest their money - by way of savings. Their funds should get ruled 100% safe if the 'unthinkable' happened to the establishment.

The new banking laws and regulations of 2013 bring in salient changes.

It will be easier for you to have an account and your money will get cared for in a more responsible way than in the past.

New bank laws also mean you can 'buy' services and take out loans from your bank. The present-day rules mean they now need to be a lot more careful how they lend money to borrowers.

Yet, it is almost impossible to live a normal life in society today without having a secure place to save money.

This section covers the range of bank accounts available in the United Kingdom. The information outlines a range of other financial services and investment products.

Banking and Bank Accounts Guide

Different Types of Bank Accounts and FacilitiesAccounts and Facilities

TYPES OF BANK ACCOUNT: There is a wide selection of different and divergent banking services and facilities. Check out the different types of bank accounts offered throughout the United Kingdom.

UK Banking SystemBanking System

UK BANKING SYSTEM: Today, and certainly since the rules' amendments at the end of 2013, the banks and the banking system have changed - by law!

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Basic Cash Card Bank AccountCash Card Account

BASIC CASH ACCOUNT: These types of accounts are ideal for anyone looking to open a basic bank account. A basic cash card account is also suited for people with poor credit scores.

How to get a Document CertifiedCertifying a Document

CERTIFYING DOCUMENTS: A professional person must write several key notes when certifying documents. Find out how to certify a document as a true copy of the original.

Banking Current Account DefinitionCurrent Accounts

BANK CURRENT ACCOUNT: Having opened a banking current account you will then get access to many financial facilities. Some are not always available to those who do not have a current account.

Deposit Savings AccountDeposit Savings Account

SAVINGS ACCOUNTS: As a rule, bank deposit savings accounts are for lump sum or regular input savers. Some get called deposit and some named savings. Generally, the difference is only the name itself!

Easy-to-open Basic Bank AccountEasy to Open Bank Account

ACCOUNT FOR BAD CREDIT: Which are the easiest bank accounts for bad credit in the United Kingdom? Find out which top three high street banks are most helpful and hugely proactive.

How Banks Make MoneyHow Banks Make Money

MONEY-MAKING ECONOMICS: Huge salaries and big bonuses get paid to bank workers. So, let's explain how banks make money from nothing - or do they?

ID Process: Proof of Address Letter for BankProof of Address

IDENTIFICATION PROCESS: You must provide proof of address to open a bank account in the United Kingdom. This is because UK banking laws require banks to know who you are and where you live.

Banks and Banking Rules: Categories Overview to Bank Accounts the United Kingdom