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WORKPLACE NEWS STORY: "Virgin Trains Start Seat Upgrade Auction Via Seatfrog Smartphone App..."

Hot off the press workplace news articles from 2017. This section covers the latest rules headlines about workplace regulations and benefit laws.

The latest stories come from the far north, through the midlands, and right down to the southern counties of the United Kingdom.

We cover all the most important workplace news articles. Some of them involve violence at work or job health and safety issues.

The workplace and benefits news making the headlines includes employee disputes and workforce discrimination. Check out a selection of amusing and funny write-ups which cannot fail to mystify.

Click any of the recent news headlines to read the full story. Or, scroll down to previous news features archived below if you prefer a trip down memory lane.

2017 News Articles about Workplace and Benefits

  1. Virgin Trains Offer Seat Upgrade Auction with Smartphone App
  2. Breaching Airport Security Restrictions Costing Passengers Dearly
  3. Drivers' Hours Offenders Handed Steeper Fines by DVSA
  4. Changes to Gender Stereotype Advertising Rules in Britain
  5. Smart Meter Rules Guide: How Smart Meters Work
  6. PIP Waiting Times after Assessment 2017
  7. How 9 New Law Changes Might Benefit You from April 2017
  8. Train Companies Trial Clearer and Cheaper Ticket Pricing Regulations

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