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Coronavirus Support: What Can You Get?

The DWP announced extra support and other measures to help workers, benefit claimants, and small businesses affected by coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The information in this help guide explains how the Department for Work and Pensions used the 2020 Budget to reveal its latest responses for recovery.

People Who Are Already Claiming Benefits

Note: Effective 17th of March 2020, a temporary change in the rules removes the requirement for claimants on disability benefits to have face-to-face assessments (includes health checks for Universal Credit).

Many people infected by the coronavirus, and those having to follow self isolation regulations, need to stay at home.

As a result, the DWP released special arrangements for anyone in receipt of benefits who are unable to attend jobcentre appointments or reassessments.

If you are already claiming support:

Making a New Claim for Financial Support

Extra financial support is now available quicker for people required to self isolate at home or those infected by the coronavirus disease. As a result, the DWP announced that:

People in Work (employees and self-employed)

One of the key DWP support packages is helping to make sure workers can take any required time off (e.g. to reduce the spread of coronavirus Covid-19).

Hence, there are several changes to Statutory Sick Pay and to the way that Universal Credit supports claimants who are self-employed.

Support for Small Businesses

It is reasonable to expect that many businesses will need to deal with some temporary economic impacts due to the coronavirus outbreak.

So, employers with less than 250 employees can reclaim Statutory Sick Pay for their employees that cannot work because of Covid-19. The refund will be available for a period of up to two (2) weeks per employee.

Note: You can read more about other government support available for small businesses with healthcare advice for employers and support for businesses.

DWP Coronavirus Support for Small Businesses and Benefit Claimants