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"LIFESTYLE NEWS: "New Rules for Reporting Missing Valuables Raises Concerns for the Elderly..."

Hot off the press homes and lifestyle news articles from 2018. This section covers the latest rules headlines on regulations at home and in daily life.

The latest stories come from the far north, through the midlands, and right down to the southern counties of the United Kingdom.

There are more stories of how British laws affect the way we live today. Not to mention - the lifestyle we need for living in the United Kingdom.

We cover all the most important stories about lifestyle news items. There are blogs on housing or home legislation as well as amusing and funny articles which cannot fail to mystify.

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2018 Homes and Lifestyle News Articles

2017 Homes and Lifestyle News Articles (archived)

  1. House Raffles: A Lottery or Illegal Gambling?
  2. Learner Drivers to get Car Driving Lessons on Motorways
  3. Stick and Flick Dog Poop Strategy for the Countryside
  4. Highway Code: Is it Illegal to Splash Someone with a Car?

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