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Greatest Footballers Biographies Ever Written

One of the biggest things about football is the lack of knowing what goes on behind the scenes. This is less relevant in the new era of having social media and gaining a lot of information, but even so, general conversations and fallings out are less public than a lot of people would hope for. But even still, information found its way out. Some of the greatest minds in football have come out after their careers have finished and give the general background of their career and secrets that have been held for years or even decades. One of the best things about the player books is that it is coming from the source, it isn't coming from a WordPress page from an unreliable news source, it is saying what happened and where from someone who was there.

Andrea Pirlo – I Think Therefore I Play

A perfect example of this is Andrea Pirlo, not just an elegant footballer but a great writer too. He made a short book, with it being around 150 pages, and told us things that we wouldn’t have known otherwise. Stories about transfers and his nearly move to Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona which has every football fan licking their lips over. To stories about him playing on his Playstation before winning the World Cup in 2006 with Italy, which probably would’ve been useful before the 2012 Euros Final where Spain embarrassed Italy 4-0 but in his fairness, the Euros odds were never in their favour for this game and tournament. This is the formula that every biography writer should follow.

Paul Merson – How Not To Be A Professional Footballer

Say what you want about Paul Mearson punditry, I know I am not a fan, but Mearson as a man is a lot better than you would once imagine. Suffering through many trials and tribulations, how Mearson overcame them and how he continues to struggle. With football being such a key thing around the world and being the world’s biggest sport, the pressure on the players’ shoulders must be immense and Mearson discusses this topic beautifully. Speaking of the highs of his trophy wins and the laws that followed. Although I may never reread it, I am glad I gave it my time all those years ago.

Jamie Vardy – From Nowhere, My Story

Jamie Vardy has been one of the most interesting figures in football over the last decade and this book further cements his wild character. It goes through Jamie Vardy’s life and how he didn’t believe he would ever make it as a professional football, to then winning the Premier League and the Golden Boot in one of the best footballing stories of all time. Vardy spoke about his career and how he was making £30 a week while working at a factory to get his big move to Leicester that changed his life forever. This is a great story and my only complaint is that there is less about the footballing relationships and more about his story but it is also his biography so who am I to complain?

Roy Keane – The Second Half

As a Manchester City fan, I have been programmed to hate Roy Keane and although sometimes his punditry annoys me, he is one of my favourite people to listen to when it comes to football and his book is a fascinating read as he speaks about the tail end of his career and how he went from one of the best footballers in his position to an ITV pundit and a manager. The way he talks about his managerial career and struggles is a great read. One of my favourite things about this book is the way it genuinely feels like how Roy Keane speaks and he isn’t being formal for the book, he is authentically himself with X-rated language and funny anecdotes, this is a great book for any fan, even those who hate Roy.

Greatest Footballers Biographies Ever Written