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Safety Checks When Buying for Kids

Safety Checks When Buying for Kids

The Office for Product Safety and Standards reminds consumers to shop safely for kids. Follow these basic safety checks when buying children's toys and presents - especially at Christmas time!

Created in January 2018, the OPSS is part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

A key role is enhancing protection for consumers and the environment. So, the warning is a timely reminder for parents buying children's toys.

Similar guidelines targeting second rate toys also comes from:

There is never a shortage of children's toys on offer, whether in the shops or for sale online. It seems inevitable that an occasional second-rate product will sneak its way into the market.

The chance of that happening increases at certain busy times of the year. Thus, parents need to extra vigilant to celebrate a safe Christmas.

Use these simple safety checks while toy shopping for kids in the high street stores and online. Doing so could mean you avoid having disappointed kids in the family and unnecessary stress.

Note: The Office for Product Safety and Standards leaflet and poster accompanies the toy safety checklist. They are also updating the technical annexes to the Cosmetic Products Regulation 2009 and Schedule 2 to the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011.

Think Before You Buy!

Note: Always check the instructions on complex toys and games for any hazards. Some will need batteries too - so dispose of them in a safe manner.


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Safety Checks When Buying Children's Toys in United Kingdom